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The Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology (NVTB) is a biological society focussing on theoretical, mathematical and philosophical biology. The society comprises 200 members from several universities, institutes and other organisations. The main aim of the society is to stimulate and represent theoretical biology in its broadest sense in the Netherlands.

Its activities consist in the following:

  • The NVTB organises meetings dealing with all subjects studied by its members, ranging from mathematical models or computer models of collective behaviour, ecology, biodiversity, population dynamics, evolution, immunology, epidemiology, physiology, etcetera down to philosophical aspects of biology.
  • The main meeting of the NVTB is the yearly workshop in Schoorl which lasts two days. Every year this meeting is booked full with about 50 participants. This meeting keeps members of the NVTB informed about what happens in theoretical biology in the Netherlands and it strengthens the contact among the members of the society.
  • Every other year the NVTB also organise a so-called PhD-day. Here, PhD students talk about their research among themselves (almost) without staff members. It is an informal occasion for PhD and master students to present their work.
  • The NVTB administrates a fund that subsidises lectures in the field of theoretical biology. Everyone may apply for funding of lectures in theoretical biology. Requests usually concern symposia related to the defence of a thesis.
  • In order to distribute information about lectures, symposia and job vacancies in the field of theoretical biology, the NVTB keeps a mailing list. Requests to subscribe and distribute information can be submitted to this address. For questions, please contact Boris Schmid (
In order to become a member of the society, please send a mail to the secretary specifying your name, affiliation, address, email and telephone number and indicate also whether or not you want to subscribe to the mailing list. Contribution of the NVTB per person per year amounts to Euro 12,- to be paid to account number 2252185 to the Nederlandse Vereniging van Theoretische Biologie.

Read the minutes of the 2013 meeting of the board here.

The board of the NVTB consists of

Jaap Kaandorp
Section Computational Science
Faculty of Science
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam
Bram van Dijk
Bioinformatics group
Utrecht University
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
Nienke Hartemink
Veterinary Medicine
Utrecht University
Yalelaan 7
3584 CL Utrecht


Meeting in Schoorl 2016: two invited lectures.
Dr. Kirsten H.W.J. ten Tusscher (UU): Deciphering pattern formation in plant development and adaptation.
Prof. dr. Rampal S. Etienne (RUG): Predicting the past from the present.

Kirsten ten Tusscher (UU)

Rampal Etienne (RUG)
Meeting in Schoorl 2015: two invited lectures.
Prof.dr. H. (Hal) Caswell (UvA): Heterogeneity and stochasticity in matrix population models. J. van Leeuwen (WUR): Biomechanics of swimming larval fish.

Hal Caswell (UvA)

J. van Leeuwen (WUR)
Meeting in Schoorl 2014: two invited lectures.
Peter de Ruiter: title tba
Jaan Kaandorp: Modelling gene regulation of early development and early cell movement in embryogenesis.

Peter de Ruiter (WUR)

Jaap Kaandorp (Uva)
Last year's meeting in Schoorl, 2013: Invited speaker: Jef Huisman
Dancing with the tides: nonequilibrium dynamics in plankton communities.

Prof. dr. Jef Huisman is Professor in Aquatic Microbiology, UvA, Amsterdam

Meeting in Schoorl 2012: two invited lectures.
Marten Scheffer: Resilience revisited.
Bela Mulder: Survival of the aligned: modelling self-organisation in the plant cortical microtubule array

Marten Scheffer (WUR)

Bela Mulder (AMOLF)

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