Symposium on Dynamic Energy Budget theory

30 years of research on metabolic organisation

Brest, 2009/04/19-22

Sponsered by Ifremer

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The course/discussion days had some 35 participants, the symposium some 80


lr: Bas Kooijman, Jonathan Flye, Marianne Alunno-Bruscia, Eric Rannou, Marie Eichinger, Arnaud Campeas, Fred Jean

Course day prior to the symposium

Brest, sunday 19 April 2009

Computer facilities will be available, but bringing your own labtop will be worth the effort. Make sure that a very recent version of DEBtool is on it, and Octave 3.0.3 or Matlab.

Discussion day after the symposium

Brest, thursday 23 April 2009

All participants are invited to participate in this discussion day for DEB-related problems. The program is temporary, and changes are possible. This day we are aiming at discussions, not at a continuation of presentations. The listed persons briefly introduce the scientific problem for discussion; they are invited to introduce their discussion topics briefly with A FEW slides and pose the topic explicitly in concise phrasing.

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