Achatina achatina (African giant snail):  

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Model:  abj  

MRE = 0.026
SMSE = 0.025

Zero-variate data
ab 10 10.57 (0.05711)dage at birthpetsnails
tp335.5 334.9 (0.001845)dtime since birth at pubertypetsnails
am3650 3643 (0.001864)dlife spanpetsnails
Lb0.6 0.572 (0.04672)cmlength at birthHoda1982
Li 11 10.44 (0.05064)cmultimate shell lengthHoda1982
Ww759.2 58.19 (0.01713)glife wet weight at 7.8 cmAlukAdis2014
Ri0.8219 0.8235 (0.001924)#/dmaximum reprod ratepetsnails
Uni-variate data
DatasetFigure(RE)Independent variableDependent variableReference
tL see Fig. 1 (0.03436)time since birthlengthHoda1982
Pseudo-data at Tref
DataGeneralised animalAchatina achatinaUnitDescription
v 0.02 0.06908cm/denergy conductance
kap 0.8 0.9663-allocation fraction to soma
kap_R 0.95 0.475-reproduction efficiency
p_M 18 23.39J/^3vol-spec som maint
k_J 0.002 0.0021/dmaturity maint rate coefficient
kap_G 0.8 0.8009-growth efficiency


  • Largest land snail (ref: Wiki)
  • Reproduction is sometimes by self-fertilization and oviposition occurs in the second and third years and sometimes up to five years after the first oviposition year (ref: petsnails)


  • Kappa_R = 0.95/2 because of hermaphroditism


  • Wiki
  • Kooy2010
  • Hoda1982
  • petsnails
  • AlukAdis2014

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