Phoronis pallida (Horseshoe worm):  

Parameter values for this entry

Model:  std  

Primary parameters at reference temperature (20 deg. C)
symbol value units description
p_Am 0.223181 J/^2{p_Am}, spec assimilation flux
F_m 6.5 l/^2{F_m}, max spec searching rate
kap_X 0.8 -digestion efficiency of food to reserve
kap_P 0.1 -faecation efficiency of food to faeces
v 0.001 cm/denergy conductance
kap 1 -allocation fraction to soma
kap_R 0.475 -reproduction efficiency
p_M 0.48635 J/^3[p_M], vol-spec somatic maint
p_T 0 J/^2{p_T}, surf-spec somatic maint
k_J 7.9613e-05 1/dmaturity maint rate coefficient
E_G 1831.04 J/cm^3[E_G], spec cost for structure
E_Hb 6.304e-16 Jmaturity at birth
E_Hp 2.705e-06 Jmaturity at puberty
h_a 1.667e-10 1/d^2Weibull aging acceleration
s_G 0.0001 -Gompertz stress coefficient
Parameters specific for this entry at reference temperature (20 deg. C)
symbol value units description
del_M 0.031435 -shape coefficient for total length
del_Mt 0.070952 -shape coefficient for trunc length
f 1 -scaled functional response for 0-var data
f_tL 1 -scaled functional response for tL data
t_0 4.6396 dtime at start development
Temperature parameters
symbol value units description
T_A 8000 KArrhenius temperature
T_ref 293.15 KReference temperature
Chemical parameters
Food Structure Reserve Faeces
Chemical potentials (J/C-mol) 525000 500000 550000480000
Specific density for dry weight (g/cm^3) 0.07 0.07 0.070.07
Food Structure Reserve Faeces
Chemical indices for organicsCarbon 1 111
Hydrogen 1.8
Oxygen 0.5
Nitrogen 0.15
Chemical indices for mineralsCarbon 1 000
Hydrogen 0 203
Oxygen 2 120
Nitrogen 0 001