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Previous newsletters

Date Vacancies? Topics
April 7, 2016yes
  • Postdoctoral researcher in crop-pathogen modeling @ Grignon FR
  • Bioinformatician-statistician Immunology position @ Memphis US-TN
  • Course on Model fitting & inference for infectious diseases @ London UK
  • Short course on Complexity in Health and Medicine @ Santa Fe US-NM
  • Position for modeller of infection dynamics @ Wageningen NL
  • PhD on risk assessment in animal production systems @ RIVM Bilthoven NL
  • Post-doc, PhD and M2 in biochem/physics/imaging @ Institut IAB, Grenoble FR
  • Conference on Math. and Theoretical Biology, 11-15 jul '16 @ Nottingham UK
  • Meeting on System Approaches in Immunology, 27-29 sep '16 @ Santa Fe US-NM
February 15, 2016yes
  • Obituary Hans Meinhardt
  • Postdoc in eusocial insect collective decision making @ Arizona US-AZ
  • 2 postdocs on ecol and evol of complex life cycles @ Amsterdam NL
  • 1 year postdoc on cytoskeleton and blood platelet activation @ Grenoble FR
  • Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Conference 2016, 19-20 Apr @ Lunteren NL
  • Support available for sabbaticals and workshops @ NIMBios UTK, US-TN
February 5, 2016yes
  • Summer School on Modelling Envir. Resilience @ 19-26 Jun '16 @ Paris FR
  • Postdoc in phylodynamics and infection dynamics @ Stockholm SE
  • Two positions on infectious dis. in humans and lifestock @ Warwick UK
  • Conference on population dynamcis and ecology 5-9 Sep'16 @ Aix-Marseille FR
  • Senior Group Leader in Pathogen Dynamics @ Nuffield, Oxford UK
  • Global Sustainability summer school, 25 Jul - 5 Aug '16 @ Santa Fe US-NM
  • Q-bio summer school, 10-23 Jul '16 @ Colorado, New Mexico, Calif, USA
January 9, 2016yes
  • PhD position on valued traits in plants and ecosystem services @ Oxford, UK
  • Summer School on complex network theory & applications 16-20 May @ Como, IT
  • Summer Fellowships for young scientists on eco & evo modelling @ IIASA, AT
  • PhD student on role of Infections in shaping ecosystems @ Utrecht, NL
December 18, 2015yes
  • PhD on competition&coexistence in complex ecol. commun. @ QMUL, London, UK
  • PhD on spatially explicit theoretical community ecology @ QMUL, London, UK
  • Postdoc on modeling transmission dyn. of norovirus infection @ Cambridge UK
  • PhD in mathematical phylogenetics and graph theory @ Auckland, NZ
  • Postdoc in comput. of cellular stress response pathways @ LACDR, Leiden NL
  • Postdoc on evol. and comp. analysis of infectious disease @ Oxford, UK
  • Postdoc in physics of living systems @ Arizona State University, US-AZ
  • Postdoc in theoretical immunology and pathogens @ University of Glasgow, UK
  • Tenure track position in bioinformatics @ Utrecht University, NL
  • 2 PhD positions on Bioinformatics & Genomic regulation @ Barcelona, ES
  • Postdoc/Research Associate position in modeling Ebola @ Hamilton, CA
  • PhD on translational immunology in chronic disease @ UMC Utrecht, NL
  • Postdoc on dynamic modelling of gut microbiota @ Institut Pasteur Paris FR
  • Summer School on Dynamics of Biological Systems, 30may-11jun @ Edmonton CA
November 8, 2015yes
  • Helsinki Summer School on Math Ecol and Evol 21-28aug @ Turku, Finland
  • Applications open for IIASA summer program, 1jun-31aug @ Laxenburg AT
  • Postdoc on trait-based models in a plankton metacommunity @ KBS US-MI
  • Postdoc on multi-level modeling of a plant pathogen @ Norwich UK
  • Postdoc on Cytoskeleton, Membrane interactions, Biophysics @ CNRS Orsay FR
  • PhD on modeling impact of HIV prevention strategies @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
  • Postdoc on viral dynamics and immune system modeling @ Los Alamos, US-NM
  • PhD position on modeling auxin and fruit growth interact. @ Norwich UK
  • Complex Systems Summer School, 12jun-8jul @ Santa Fe Institute US-NM
  • Postdocs on theoretical biophysics @ Emory University, Atlanta US-GA
  • 5 PhDs in theoretical biology and bioinformatics @ London UK
October 17, 2015yes
  • Workshop on dynamic natural systems, 2-5 feb 16 @ vora PT
  • Postdoc in modeling disease transmis. through popul. @ RIVM, bilthoven NL
  • Postdoc in modeling T cell repertoires and HIV @ Glasgow UK
  • Assistant professor in environmental science @ Berkeley US-CA
  • Summer school on probability & PDE for biology, 2-8 jul 16 @ Marseille FR
  • Conference on Math. Pop. Dynamics and Epidemiology, 5-9 sep @ Marseille FR
  • Tenure-track on quantitative approach to fundament. biology @ Harvard US-MA
  • Matlab course in systems biology models, 20 oct @ BIOSB, Wageningen NL
  • Autumn school on data driven comp. in life sci, 9-13 nov @ Lisbon PT
September 19, 2015yes
  • Summer School on Complex networks, 16-20 may 2016 @ Como, Italy
  • Postdoc position on analysis of the Cancer Genome Atlas @ Washington DC USA
  • PhD Program on Quantitative Biosciences Aug 2016 @ Georgia Tech, GA USA
  • Two-day workshop on molecule trajectories in cellular spaces @ Lyon FR
  • Omidyar fellowships at Santa Fe Institute @ Santa Fe, NM USA
  • One fellow, and one assist. Prof in systems biology @ Harvard, MA USA
August 24, 2015yes
  • Postdoc on regulation of immune response @ Utrecht University, NL
  • Tenure track on Mathematical Biology @ Virginia Tech, US-VA
  • Phd on theoretical evo-devo on one of two topics @ Helsinki FI
  • Postdoc on combining phylog. and epidem. of HIV @ Stockholm SE
  • Postdoc on Health Economics epidemiological Modeling @ UCL, London UK
July 27, 2015yes
  • 5 PhD & 4 Postdocs on Sociality/Fecundity/Longevity tradeoff @ CH,DE,NL
  • Bioinformatics position on evogen and devel. transcrip. @ Bergen, NO
  • Vaccine Modeller position at GSK @ Wavre-Rixensart, BE
  • EvoDemoS 2015 on evolution and demography, 5-7 Oct 2015 @ Lunteren, NL
  • AQUACULTURE 2016 on modeling aquacul. sys, 22-26 Feb @ Las Vegas, US-NV
  • Summer School 2016 for Math in Biological problems @ CIRM Marseille, FR
  • Tenure track in complex systems in food physics @ WUR Wageningen, NL
  • 2 PhD positions on analysis of critical transitions @ WUR Wageningen, NL
July 2, 2015yes
  • PhD and Postdoc position in Tumor cell immune resp @ LACDR, Leiden NL
  • Postdoc in model childhood dis. and vaccine refusal @ Washington USA
  • School on qualitative theory of dynamical systems, 17-19 Sep @ Urbino IT
June 25, 2015yes
  • Postdoc on modeling root growth and bending @ Utrecht University, NL
  • PhD in regulation of lateral root formation @ Utrecht University, NL
  • Postdoc on computational Cell Cycle Modeling @ Virginia US-VA
  • PhD in lipid geometry and membrane composition @ Leiden University, NL
  • Workshop in nonlin. dynamics in comp. neurosci, 07-09 Sept @ SICC, Milan IT
  • PhD in modelling antibody optimisation @ HZI/BRICS, Braunschweig DE
  • Postdoc/Group leader position in antibody optimisation @ HZI/BRICS, DE
  • PhD in Sexually Transmitted Infections (Deadline 1 July) @ RIVM, NL
  • Tenure track position in Life Sciences @ CWI, Amsterdam NL
  • Call for 4 Postdocs in interdiscipl. applied Math @ BCAM, Bilbao ES
June 3, 2015yes
  • Abstracts requested on disease contagion modeling @ CCS2015 Tempe US-AZ
  • PhD in modeling effects of multi-strain vaccinations @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
  • PhD in Abiotic forcing and diversity of marine plankton @ ENS, Paris FR
  • Evolutionary Demography Society Annual Meeting @ EvoDemoS, Lunteren NL
  • Workshop on Morphological Plant Models @ NIMBioS, Knoxville US-TN
  • Postdoc in Mathematical Pharmacology @ LACDR, Leiden NL
April 16, 2015yes
  • Position in infectious disease modeling @ Univ. of Bern, CH
  • 2 Postdocs on trait-based models microb. comm. @ Michigan State Univ, US-MI
  • Postdoc in Dengue simulation modeling @ Univ. of Notre Dame, US-IN
  • Phd position in cell decision making & gene reg. systems @ Leiden NL
  • Postdoc position in viral dyn and immune sys modeling @ Los Alamos US-NM
April 1, 2015yes
  • ESSA Summer School in Social Simulation, 21-25 Sep @ Wageningen NL
  • Workshop on Math. in oncology and cancer, 7-11 Dec @ CIRM, Marseille FR
  • SICC Workshop in nonlinear dynamics, 7-9 Sep @ Turin, IT
  • Postdoc in Infec. Disease Dynamics modelling @ Harvard, Cambridge US-MA
  • Postdoc on kinetics of immune cells and pathogen @ Colombus, US-OH
  • Beesy Conference on Env. and Sys Biol, 12-15 April @ Grenoble FR
  • ISCB Conference on Biostatistics in Med Research 23-27 Aug, @ Utrecht NL
  • Junior Group Leader position in Quantitative Biol @ CIML, Marseille FR
  • Conference Comp. Dyn. Analysis of Biol Proc. 19-25 Jul @ Lipari Island, IT
  • BIOMAT-2015 Emergence and self-org conference, 27-29 May @ Granada ES
March 6, 2015yes
  • PhD position on modelling ESBL antimicrobial resistance [DL 15 Mar] @ Utrecht NL
  • Workshop Networks in Ecology, 13-18 Jun [DL 31 Mar] @ Econet2015, Ume SE
  • Postdoc position in infectious diseases modelling @ Institut Pasteur, Paris FR
  • Position in modelling insecticide resis. and malaria transm. [DL 13 Mar] @ Liverpool UK
  • Short course on Statistical Prediction, 8-9 Apr @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
  • PhD position on antibody repertoire evolution @ ETH Zrich, CH
  • Modeller position on dengue fever [DL 15 Mar] @ Institut Pasteur, Phnom Penh KH
  • Postdoc position in quant. hematology/immunology @ Curie Institute, Paris FR
February 18, 2015yes
  • Workshop on many-cell system Modeling, 7-9 Jul @ NIMBioS, Knoxville US-TN
  • PhD position in Modeling of Stress Response Pathways @ Leiden NL
  • PhD position on Math. Modeling for Life Sciences @ Biometris, Wageningen NL
  • 2 positions on influenza modelling, deadlines 22 feb, 4 mar @ London UK
  • 2nd Workshop on Virus Dynamics (WVD2) 17-18 Jul @ Toronto CA
  • Summer school on Nonlinear Dynamics in Biology, 1-12 Jun @ Montreal CA
  • Seminar on pattern form. in ecosys responses to clim. change @ Utrecht NL
  • Tenure track position in Applied Math, deadline 21 feb @ Wageningen NL
January 30, 2015yes
  • Conference on Math. And Comp. Epidem, 30 Aug - 5 Sep '15 @ Erice, IT
  • 5 Postdoc positions on modelling Negl. Trop. Dis. @ Warwick, UK
  • Postdoc position on modelling foot rot @ WIDER, Warwick UK
  • Q-Bio Cellular regulation Summer School, 6-21 & 13-28 July @ various, USA
  • Research Chair position in Complex Sys Modell. @ London Ontario, CA
  • Course on Comp. Sys. Biol 6 - 11 Apr 2015 @ Aussois FR
  • PhD position on modelling impact of HPV vaccination @ Bern, CH
  • Conference on Modelling Biol. Evol, 28 Apr - 1 May 2015 @ Leicester UK
  • Postdoc Quant. T cell immunology / Systems Biology @ Bayer, Leverkusen DE
  • Postdoc tuberculosis epidemics modeling @ Yale, New Haven US-CT
January 14, 2015yes
  • Conference on Bioinformatics & Sys. Biol, 20-21 May @ Lunteren, NL
  • PhD/Postdoc in Theoretical Biology/Biophysics @ Utrecht University, NL
  • Conference on Comp. Dynamic analysis, 19 25 Jul @ Lipari IT
  • Course in Comp. NeuroSci, 29 Jul 26 Aug @ Woods Hole, US-MA
January 5, 2015yes
  • Support available for activities in late 2015 @ NIMBioS, Knoxville US-TN
  • Summer Fellowships available in Theoretical Biology @ IIASA, Laxenburg AT
December 16, 2014yes
  • Conference SPECIATION 2015, on speciation research, 15-20 Mar '15 @ Ventura, US-CA
  • Permanent position on exotic inf. dis. in ruminants @ CMAEE, Western Africa
  • Thematic School in Systems and Synth Biol, 23-27 Mar '15 @ Strasbourg FR
  • Summer school on complex networks, 18-22 May '15 @ Lake Como, IT
  • Postdoc position on within-host dynamics of Ebola @ INSERM, Paris FR
  • Prof. position, Fellowships for Winterschool, and Conference @ NTU Complexity Institute, SG
  • PhD position on evolutionary epidemiology of bee viruses @ Penryn Campus, Cornwall UK
  • Meeting on social networks and infec. Diseases, 17 Dec '14 @ Wageningen, NL
  • PhD on struct. and funct. analysis of immunity in cattle @ Bristol/Warwick/Edinburg UK
  • Conference on Systems Biology, Beesy2015, 13-15 Apr '15 @ Grenoble, FR
  • Postdoc position for bioinformatician on Inflamm. Diseases @ UMCU, Utrecht NL
November 13, 2014yes
  • Summer School on Complex Systems, 7 Jun 3 Jul '15 @ Santa Fe US-NW
  • Bioinformatics pos. in transl. immunol. and systems medicine @ UMCU Utrecht NL
  • Workshop Dyn. Sys. applied to Biol. and Natural Sciences 4-6 Feb '15 @ Lisbon PT
  • Postdoc position in Computational HIV vaccinology @ Zurich CH
  • Tenure track position on network biology of immune response @ RIMLS Nijmegen NL
  • Winter School on Diffusion on Fractals and Nonlin Sys 23 Mar - 2 Apr '15 @ Bremen DE
  • Workshop on Olfactory Modeling, 2-4 Mar '15 (apply before 14 dec) @ NIMBioS US-TN
  • 3rd MMSB Workshop on Math. methods in Sys Biol, 15-18 Jun '15 @ Dublin IE
October 26, 2014yes
  • PhD position on evol genet/genom/bioinf of hybridization @ CEES, Oslo NO
  • Tenure track positions in diverse coastal biol. topics @ FSU, Tallahassee US-FL
  • Postdoc position in fishing and climate change @ Pinsky Lab, New Brunswick US-NJ
  • Scientific programmer position(s) for complex spatial models @ BESO, Groningen NL
October 23, 2014yes
  • Tenure track positions in Fac Math and NatSci @ Groningen, NL
  • Three postdoc pos. on invas. species @ Imp. Coll. London and Exeter, UK
  • Summer School Complex Networks 18-5 to 22-5 '15 @ Como IT
  • Reminder Santa Fe Omidyar postdoc call, closing Oct 24, @ Santa FE NM-USA
  • Conference on Math. NeuroSci 8-6 to 10-6 '15 @ Antibes FR
  • Young scientists summer program 1-6 to 31-8 '15 @ IIASA, Laxenburg AT
  • Postdoc positions applied systems analysis @ IIASA, Laxenburg AT
  • Call for submissions for AgreenSkill Postdoc pos @ INRA, FR
  • Faculty position in Complexity Science @ Nanyang, SG
September 24, 2014yes
  • Faculty position in System Dynamics @ MIT, Cambridge US-MA
  • Postdoc in Eco-Epidem. Modelling of plant diseases @ Rothamsted, UK
  • 8 Tenure track positions on Biotech and Biomed @ UC Santiago, CL
  • Assistant professor PopDyn of Inf Dis @ FVM-UU, Utrecht NL
  • PhD position modeling strategies for HIV prevention @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
  • Call for Postdoc applications, deadline 11dec @ NIMBioS, Knoxville, US-TN
September 3, 2014yes
  • Tenure track position on Ecology of infectious diseases @ ETH Zurich, CH
  • 2-year postdoc position on evol. epidem of plant disease @ Bordeaux University, FR
  • Infectious sex-transmitted disease modeler position @ Imperial, London UK
  • Research Associate position in Modelling and Health Econ @ UCL London UK
  • Tenure track position in Systems and Comp. Biol @ Bronx, NY USA
  • 2 PhD positions in theoretical ecology @ University of Amsterdam, NL
August 11, 2014yes
  • Postdoctoral fellowships available @ Santa Fe Institute, NM-USA
  • Seminar on mathematical modeling of the spread of infectious diseases @ Utrecht, NL
  • Postdoc position on rapid risk assessment of zoonotic pathogens @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
July 9, 2014yes
  • Postdoc/PhD positions evolution of drug resistance @ ETH Zurich, CH
  • Workshop on Mathematics in Biology, 27-29 Oct @ Naples, IT
June 5, 2014yes
  • 2-year Postdoc position on Soft Matter/Statistic. Phys & Biol @ CNRS, Orsay, FR
  • Conference Redefining the Self(-nonself) @ Paris-Sorbonne Univ, FR
  • 3-year Postdoc in Theoretical Community Ecology @ Potsdam Univ, DE
  • 4-year PhD position in Evolutionary Theory @ EBC, Uppsala SE
  • 4-year scholarships for Masters/PhD in analytical science @ Warwick Univ UK
  • LyonSysBio Conference, 19-21 Nov @ BioSyL, Lyon, FR
  • Graduate course in Delay Differential Equations, 6-10 Oct @ Linnaeus Univ, Vxj, SE
April 22, 2014yes
  • Course on model fitting and inference for infec. dis, 8-10 Jul @ London, UK
  • AgreenSkills Post-doc funding opportunities available @ France
  • Research Associate position in infectious disease modelling @ London, UK
  • Conference on theories of the immune system, 23-24 Jun @ Paris, FR
  • FMMB Conference on formal methods in macro-biology @ Noumea, NC
  • 9th SICC School on Nonlinear Dynamics, 26-30 May @ Milano, IT
  • 6 Phd/Postdoc positions on ecological communities @ RUG, Groningen NL
March 13, 2014yes
  • Seminar on Modelin in Life Sciences, 31 March @ INRIA Grenoble, FR
  • Postdoc position in disease evolutionary ecology @ CEES, Oslo, NO
  • Postdoc/Senior researcher position on disease elimination @ Princeton, NJ US
  • Summer courses in Complexity, 25-27 Jun @ BIOMAT, Granada, ES
  • Two PhD positions in Theoretical Ecology @ Univ. of Amsterdam, NL
  • Team leader position synthetic biology @ iSSB, Evry FR
March 5, 2014yes
  • PhD position in Math. Demography and Ecology @ UvA, Amsterdam NL
  • Conference on complex systems, 23-26 Jun @ ICCSA 2014, Le Havre FR
  • Symposium on complex systems, 15-18 Sep @ ISCS'14, Florence IT
  • Workshop on Hybrid Systems and Biology, 23-24 Jul @ HSB 2014, Vienna AT
  • Workshop on Complex, Chaos & Dyn in Biol Netw., 12-16 May @ CNRS, Corsica FR
  • Summer School on Ecotoxicology and Pred. modelling, 7-11 Jul @ CNRS, Ecully FR
  • School on Nonlin Dyn of Innovation and Competition, 26-30 May @ SICC, Milan IT
January 31, 2014yes
  • Postdoc in phylodynamics of dengue epidemics @ ENS Paris, FR
  • Postdoc in quantitative ecology in semi-arid plant comm. @ Utah State Univ. UT USA
  • 2 Postdoc positions in quant. infectious diseases @ Univ. Washington WA USA
  • Postdoc phylogenetics and infection dynamics @ Stockholm SE
  • Postdoc position in modelling endoycytosis @ Yale University, CT USA
  • Faculty position at Centre of High-throughput biology @ Univ. British Colum. CA
  • NDNS+ PhD meeting on nonlin. dyn. in nat. systems, 24-25 Apr @ Lunteren NL
  • Research School on complex genom. systems, 24-28 Mar @ Evry FR
  • Phd position in evol. of hunting algorithm in raptors @ Univ. Groningen, NL
January 13, 2014yes
  • Call for Papers theoretical Macrobiology conference FMMB 2014 @ Noumea NC
  • PhD and Postdoc position on pop biol and demography @ UvA, Amsterdam NL
  • Summer Fellowships on Evol and Ecol modeling @ IIASA, Austria (Deadline today)
  • Postdoc in viral dyn. and immune system modeling @ LANL, Los Alamos NM USA
  • Postdoc in Evolutionary Biology, host-parasite interact. @ IGB Berlin, DE
  • Research position on matching algorithms for transplantation @ UMC Utrecht, NL
  • PhD studentship on cultural evolution of whale songs @ St Andrews, UK
  • Postdoc on immune regolatory network @ Rochester, NY USA
  • 1-year postdoc in Math. Biol. @ Oregon State Univ, OR, USA
December 3, 2013yes
  • Postdoc fellowships in theoretical ecology of microbes @ O'Dwyer lab, US-IL
  • 2-3 year fellowships on computational topics @ Neukom Institute, Hanover US-NH
  • PhD and Postdoc position on modelling of tumor immunology @ NKI, Amsterdam NL
  • Assistant/Associate Professor position on complex biol. Sys. @ NJIT, Newark US-NJ
  • Tutorial on Parameter Estimation in Dyn. Biol. Models, 19-21 may @ NIMBioS, US-TN
  • Open Post-doc fellowships (including math oriented) available @ IAST, Toulouse FR
  • Summer school for PhD students @ IIASA, Laxenburg, AT
  • Masters Internship on cell deformation modelling @ TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble FR
  • Workshop on dynamic systems @ CMAF, Lisbon PT
  • 4 positions for disease modellers @ Imperial College, London UK
November 20, 2013yes
  • Postdoc position in modeling CD8 immune response @ Inria Lyon, FR
  • Postdoc and Phd position, and Phd scholarships @ Sydney AU
  • Workshop on Leptospirosis modelling, 3-5 Jun @ NIMBioS TX USA
  • Workshop on interface disease models, 11-13 Mar @ NIMBioS TX USA
  • Assistant Professor position in EcoInformatics @ Berkeley CA USA
  • Three-day course on Math. Model. Inf Dis. Epidem, 23-25 Jan @ Wengen CH
  • Postdoc and PhD positions in quantifying popdyn of viruses @ Zurich CH
  • Postdoc and PhD positions in modelling evol. developmental biology @ Helsinki FI
  • Postdoc position in complex sys and stat. phys @ Manchester UK
October 7, 2013yes
  • Applications for ?Animal Social Networks? workshop @ NIMBioS, Knoxville TN US
  • 1+ year postdoc position modelling infectious diseases @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
  • 1+ year postdoc in plankton ecology-climate feedbacks @ Paris FR
  • Researcher position modelling infectious diseases @ RIVM, Bilthoven NL
October 2, 2013yes
  • Two research chairs, and one deputy director available @ Vancouver CA
  • Postdoc position in Theoretical Ecology @ Moulis, FR
  • PhD Program in Comp. Biol and Medicine @ New York, NY US
  • Faculty position in Theoretical Ecology @ Lawrence, KS US
  • Faculty position on Applied Math/Complex Systems @ Evanston, OH US
  • 9th SICC summer school on modelling Nonlinear Dynamics, 26-30 May 2014 @ Milano IT
  • Call for Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications at NIMBioS (Dec 11) @ Knoxville TN US
  • Santa Fe Institute online course on Complexity starting for 2013-2014 @ Internet
  • PhD position on quantitative T cell immunology modelling @ Maynooth IE
  • Two postdocs in mathematical/statistical modelling of infectious diseases @ Paris FR
July 16, 2013yes
  • Post-doc in simulating fish populations and management @ Wisconsin-Madison USA
  • Post-doc in Quantitative popul. and commun. Ecology @ Florida USA
  • Assistant professorship in Theoretical Aquatic Ecology @ Potsdam DE
  • ESR position on theoretical immunology @ London UK
  • 4 PhD positions on genomic diversity of metapopulations @ Flanders BE
  • Postdoc on modelling spatio-temporal dyn. of inv. Species @ Trento IT
  • Postdoc on dynamics of intermediate time scales in Ecology @ California USA
  • Course on Metabolic Ecology and Scaling in Biology, 23-27 sep @ Ume? SE
  • Postdoc on Evol. models of cancer progres. and therap. @ Montpellier FR
  • Postdoc on sexually transmitted infection modelling @ Lyon FR
  • Postdoc on complex systems and statistical physics @ Manchester UK
  • Postdoc on physics of origin of life @ Tempe, AZ USA
June 4, 2013yes
  • Postdoc in Evolutionary ecology of extra-pair mating @ Bergen NO
  • PhD/Postdoc position on Mitotic Checkpoint Evol. Bioinf. @ Utrecht NL
  • Postdoc on lymph node immune response modelling @ Louvain-la-Neuve BE
  • Postdoc on network comparison @ Oxford UK
  • Symposium on quantitative energetics, 18 june 2013 @ Amsterdam NL
May 14, 2013yes
  • Workshop on probabilistic cellular automata, 10-12 Jun @ Eindhoven NL
  • Conference PRIB on pattern recognition in bioinf, 17-20 Jun @ Nice FR
  • Faculty position in quantitative biology, deadline 4 Jun @ Trieste IT
  • 2 PhD positions on information visualization, deadline 15 May @ Melbourne AU & Warwick UK
  • Conference on mathematics of sustainable planet, 15-19 Jul @ Santander ES
April 19, 2013yes
  • Assistant/Associate Professor position in Computational Life Sciences @ Utrecht NL
April 17, 2013yes
  • Postdoc on generalities in biological transport vessels @ Los Angeles CA US
  • Conference on Systems Biol. Infectious Processes, 13-15 May @ Lyon FR
  • Conference on interactions in Complex Systems, 17-19 June @ Orl?ans FR
  • Summer School on Evolution, 15-19 July @ Lisbon PT
  • Spring School Multiscale modeling in life sciences, 27-31 May @ Lyon FR
  • Postdoc on tipping points in Complex Landscape Systems @ Wageningen NL
  • 1-year Postdoc position on Chlamydia modelling @ PHE London UK
  • Summer School on feedbacks in env. systems, 10-15 June @ La Rochelle FR
February 20, 2013yes
  • Conference on Comp. and Math Pop Dyn, on 29 may - 2 jun, at Tiyuan CN
  • Workshop on simul. models of infec. dis transmis, on 17-18 apr, at Antwerp BE
  • Conference on SysBiol in Infectious Processes, on 13-15 may, at Lyon FR
  • Summer school on math. behind biol. invasions, on 27may - 14jun, at Alberta CA
  • Visiting gradutate student fellowships available at NIMBioS, at Tennessee-Knoxville US
  • Clinic on Modelling Epidemiological Data, on 3-14 jun, at Muizenberg ZA
  • Postdoc in mechanistic models of chromatin structure, at Paris FR
  • Conference on Invasion and and evol Biol. models, on 11-15 mar, at Lyon FR
  • Postdoc in T cell development modelling, at New York US
  • Summer School ELME in Mathematics and Ecology, on 3-21 jun, at KBS MI US
  • Conference SMEEG in Stoch. Models in Eco, Evo, and Genetics on 9-13 dec, at Angers FR
  • Postdoc in fungal genomics, transcriptomics, and pop genetics, at Oslo NO
  • School/Workshop Complex Systems on 8-11th and 12-13 april, at Barcelona ES
  • PhD for 3 years in intra-genomic evolutionary theory, at London UK
  • PhD for 3 years in bacterial experimental and genomic evolution, at Bern CH
  • Postdoc in genetic. programmable self-patterning swarm organs, at Amsterdam NL
  • Satellite meeting at NBIC 2013 on Metagenomics, on 17th of April, at Lunteren NL
January 29, 2013yes
  • Support Available for Activities at NIMBioS, Tennessee-Knoxville US
  • Call for Abstracts 20th HIV Dyn & Evol conference, 8-11 May 2013, Utrecht NL
  • Post Doctoral and PhD Fellowships in Marine Ecology, Charlottenlund/Copenhagen DK
  • PhD position on evo of of gene networks, development and phenotype, Helsinki FI
  • Modelling the impact of potential human TB vaccines, London UK
  • Resident faculty positions available at Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico US
  • Postdoc position in mechanistic acquatic ecological modelling, Duebendorf CH
  • Summer school on inf. flow in complex neuro-imaging netw., 8-12 July 2013 Grenoble FR
January 8, 2013yes
  • 2 PhD and 1 Postdoc position in Evol. Sys Biol, at Groningen NL
  • Position for Infectious disease modeller, at ISPM Bern CH
  • 13 PhD positions in Bio-analytical science, at Warwick UK
  • 2 PhD positions in math. immunol / vaccine design, at Heidelberg DE
  • Summer school and Workshop Complex Systems, 8-13 apr 2013, at Barcelona ES
  • Statistician working with infectious dis. modell. and econom, at HPA, London
  • CMBS Conference (Comp. Methods and Sys. Biol), 23-25 sep 2013, at Klosterneuburg AT
  • Summer fellowships for 3 months (jun-aug) on evo-eco modelling, at Laxenburg AT
  • Research Associate on modelling acute HIV transm. interventions, at Paddington UK
December 7, 2012yes
  • Course in Modelling Infectious Disease Epidem., 24-26jan 2013, Wengen CH
  • PhD Training program in Comp. Biol and Medicine, New York USA
  • AARMS summer school on Dyn. Sys. and Math. Biol, 15jul-9aug 2013, Newfoundland CA
  • Nice'13 research school on Synth Biol, Compl. Sys, Genom. 25-29mar 2013, Nice FR
  • Applicants wanted for Director position at NIMBioS, Knoxville TN USA
  • Postdoc position(s) in Mathematical Statistics at Stockholm SE
  • Course Analysis of complext networks, 20-22feb 2013, Milano IT
  • Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology, 27-31may 2013, Montpellier FR
November 12, 2012yes
  • 6 PhD positions on complex adaptive systems, at Wageningen NL
  • Conference on Systems/Synthetic Biology, 20-24mar 2013, in Atlanta GA, USA
  • Permanent position for infec. disease modeller, at HPA, in London UK
  • Call for Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications at NIMBioS, in Knoxville TN, USA
  • Call for papers, IWBBIO (bioinf and biomed engi.) 18-20 March 2013, Granada ES
  • Workshop Stoch. and Nonlin. Dyn. in Life Sciences, 15 Nov at CWI, Amsterdam NL
  • Infection Dynamics Day for new book on relevant math. tools, 13 Dec at UCID, Utrecht NL
  • Workshop on Dyn. Sys. applied to Biol. and Nat.Sci, 13-15 Feb 2013, Lisbon PT
  • 3 faculty positions available from Fall 2013 at Biol and Math, Oregon USA
  • Conference on Bioinf. of African path, host and vec. 13-15 Mar 2013, Tunis TN
  • 2 year Postdoc position on reverse speciation at Umea, SE
  • Seminar on new book on dynamics of popul. and commun, 16 Nov, Amsterdam NL
October 16, 2012yes
  • 4 PhD and 2 Postdoc pos. on epigenetics of plant traits, ERC ITN EpiTRAITS
  • Postdoc or Phd in ecological modelling, at Potsdam DE
  • Postdoc in applied mathematics and/or theoretical biology, at Houston US
  • Postdoc in theoretical plant pathogen epidemiology, at Rothamsted UK
  • Postdoc associate position on viral dyn. and immune sys model, at Los Alamos US
  • PhD position in Microbial Ecology / Systems Biology, at Amsterdam NL
  • Short course in numerical continuation with AUTO, 7 nov at Amsterdam NL
  • Assistant professor + group position in Ecol. of Infectious diseases, Zurich CH
  • CIMPA Summer School on PDE methods in Biology and Medicine, 24jun-5jul Habana CU
  • Workshop on Stoch. and Nonlin. Dyn. in the Life Sciences, 15nov Amsterdam NL
September 26, 2012no
  • Symposium on the occasion of the PhD defense of Jorg Calis
September 26, 2012yes
  • Book announcement "The pursuit of complexity".
  • Phd in spatial eco-evo dynamics at Ghent BE and Groningen NL
  • 2 Faculty pos. at Infec. Dis. Epidem, Imperial College, London UK
  • Postdoc position in Complex Systems/Epidemics at Turin, IT
  • Postdoc position in modeling influenza spread at Paris, FR
  • Postdoc position in math. biology/applied dyn. sys, at Ontario CA
  • 2 Postdoc and 2 Phd positions on Complex Systesm, at Vienna AT
  • Postdoc position wildlife-lifestock-pathogen model., at Calgary CA
  • Bauer Fellow positions available at SysBio Harvard at Cambridge, US
  • 2 Postdoc positions in model. neural tube development, at London UK
September 7, 2012yes
  • Postdoc positions in theor. ecology on tropical forests, at Singapore SG
  • Postdoc position in theor. biology on imaging brain oxygenation, at Grenoble FR
  • Tenure position in theoretical ecology, at Ume University SE
  • Postdoc position in food and mouth disease management, at Penn State USA
  • PhD on mol. epidemiol and phylodynamics of HIV, at Zrich CH
  • 2 Postdoc positions on simulated models of socio-economics, at Zrich CH
August 22, 2012yes
  • PhD position on phytoplankton ecology modelling, at Amsterdam NL
  • Multiple postdoc positions in theoretical ecology, at Singapore SG
July 29, 2012no
  • Announcement next NVTB meeting
July 29, 2012yes
  • Infectious disease modeller on Chlamydia at the HPA, London UK
  • Permanent position infect. disease modeller at the HPA, London UK
  • Postdoc position infect. disease modeller at Antwerp, BE
  • Research position in math. infect disease and epidem, in Lisbon, PT
  • Postdoc in livestock disease modelling at Washington DC, US
  • 2 Postdocs in pertussis transmission modelling in Michigan, US
May 7, 2012yes
  • Position Research Associate on ecosystem modelling, at Wallingford, UK
  • Workshop chaos, complex, dyn. of biol. networks, 28may-3jun, at Corsica, FR
  • Position Senior Lecturer in theoretical ecology, at Umea, SE
  • Conference on stochas in sysbiol, gen. & evo, on 21-25aug, at Houston, TX US
  • 3 Postdocs on plankton ecology modelling (Baikal, Fuel, Environ), Michigan US
April 23, 2012yes
  • Workshop Scale transitions in Chem / Biol, 4-8th June, at ICMS Edinburgh, UK
  • Six postdocs available on Math, and/or Networks, Dynamics, Collectives, at Bath, UK
  • SICC summer school on nonlinear dynamics, 26-28th Sept, at Catania, Italy
March 27, 2012yes
  • Postdoc position on marine community models, at Belfast UK
  • Workshop on Chaos, Compl. and Dynm. in networks, 28may-3jun at Corsica, FR
  • Informal workshop on transitions from micro to macro scales, at ICMS, NL
  • Summer school feedbacks in environm. systems, 11-16jun, at La Rochelle, FR
  • PhD position, individual-based model of HIV epidemic in NL, at Amsterdam NL
  • Postdoc position modelling Asian Conservation Ecology, at Kyushu, JP
  • MPDE Conference on pop. dyn. and ecology, 10-13sep at Santa Maria, BR
  • Summer school on theory of speciation, 19-26aug at Turku, FI
  • PhD position, modelling vascular endothelial growth factors, at Leeds, UK
March 7, 2012yes
  • PhD position on yeast metabolism, at VU Amsterdam, NL (closing 10 mar)
  • Postdoc position working with BioPreDyn, at CWI Amsterdam, NL
  • Junior Professorship position in Oceanography Food Webs, at Kiel, DE
  • Professorship position in Ecology and Biodiversity at Utrecht, NL
February 7, 2012yes
  • 2 Postdoc positions on complex networks at Univ. of Calif, San Diego USA
  • Postdoc position on resilience against change, at Stockholm, SE
  • 3-week summerschool on Math. and Ecol, from 4-22 Jun, at USA MI
  • PhD School on Math. Model. of Compl. Sys. from 16-28 Jul, at Pescara IT
  • Workshop on Param. Estim. Dynam. Sys, from 4-6 Jun at Eindhoven NL
  • Workshop on Critical Trans. in Compl. Sys. from 19-23 Mar, at London UK
  • Conference on Models in Pop Dyn and Ecol, from 10-13 Sep, at Santa Maria BR
  • 2 Math. modeller positions on infect. disease modelling at Edinburgh, UK
  • PhD position on analysis of evolutionary processes, at Nottingham, UK
  • PhD position on modelling photosynthesis, at Wageningen NL
  • Modeller position on human- marine ecology interact. at Deltares, Delft NL
  • Conference BIOCOMP2012 on Math. Modell, from 4-8 Jun, at Vietri sul Mare, IT
  • Postdoc on non-coding RNA correl. to RNA/protein interactions, at RTH, DK
  • PhD and Postdoc positions at Centre de Recerca Matem??tica, at Barcelona ES
  • NDNS+ weekly seminar on Spatio-Tempral Patterns, starting 8 feb, at Utrecht NL
  • Tenure track position/Assistant Professorship in Theoretical/Computational Ecology, at University of Amsterdam, NL
January 12, 2012yes
  • Reader/Chair in Computational Physiology at University College London, UK
  • Workshop on Dispersal, at Univ of Miami, 14-16 dec 2012, USA FL
  • Promoting collaboration between teachers and scientists, NIMBioS, USA TN
  • Workshop Epidemics on Networks, 5-7 sep 2012, Girona, ES
  • Workshop Modelling Dengue Fever, 23-24 jul 2012, NIMBioS, USA TN
  • Support available for activities (wshops, sabbat. etc) at NIMBioS, USA TN
  • Postdoc funding available on interface math and biol at NIMBioS, USA TN
  • Course on structured population models, 7-11 may 2012, Bilbao, ES
November 21, 2011yes
  • 2 PhD positions in computational systems biology, early 2012 in Vigo, Spain
  • Research Fellow position at Math Biol and Medicine, Leeds UK
  • Complex Systems summer school (CSSS) from 4-29 June at Santa Fe, NM USA
  • Workshop on dynamical systems from 8-10 Feb 2012 at CMAF, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Postdoc on analysis of biological data at Cambridge MA, USA
  • Researcher positions in Statistics and Comp. Biol at Brisbane, Australia
  • Postdoc on individual growth model of pelagic jellyfish, Marseille, France
  • Postdoc fellowships on Math and Biol, at NIMBioS at Knoxville, TN USA
  • Four faculty positions in Complexity Science, at Miami, FL USA
  • Workshop on structural dynamical systems, 12-15 Jun 2012, at Bari Italy
October 27, 2011yes
  • Workshop on Systems approaches in immunology, 6-7 Jan in Santa Fe, NM USA
  • Conference on stochastic gene expression, 21-22 November 2011, Lyon FR
  • 2 Phd positions on RNA bioinformatics at RTH, Frederiksberg DK (deadline 1 nov)
  • 2 Phd positions available in gene networks and evo-devo, in Helsinki FI
  • Summer school on Theory of Speciation, 19-26 August 2012 in Turku, FI
  • Postdoc on data-driven predictive modelling in biotech at CWI, Amsterdam NL
September 25, 2011yes
  • Workshop Disturbance regimes & cli.-carbon feedb., 13-15 Feb @ Knoxville USA
  • 2 Lectureship positions Centre for Mathematical Science @ London, UK
  • 2-year researcher position on epidemiology and viral evolution @ Montpellier, FR
  • Conference on mathematics and image analysis, 16-18 Jan 2012, Paris, FR
  • Postdoc fellowships available at Santa Fe, NM USA. Deadline 1 nov.
August 26, 2011yes
  • Course on innovation and competition (bio/eco), 28-30 Sept, Milano IT
  • Conference Math/Theo Ecol (MATE), 19-21 Sept, Colcester UK
  • 5 tenure tracks for network scientists/epidemiologists, Michigan USA
  • Lecturer position in system approaches to biology, London UK
June 5, 2011yes
  • Workshop on predictive biology, 21-25 nov, Saint-Remy-Les-Chevreuse FR
  • Course on Morphogenesis modeling, 18-19 Jul, Norwich UK, deadline 10 Jun
  • Workshop on modeling emerging infec. dis. 11-15 Jul, Barcelona ES
  • Phd position on planktonic biodiversity hotspots, Paris FR
  • Workshop Modeling Social Complexity, Feb 6-8 2012 NIMBioS Knoxville US
  • UCID Seminar by Simon Levin on theory of infec. disease, 30 Jun, Utrecht NL
  • Conference on stochastic gene expression 21-22 Nov Lyon, FR
  • Conference on Models in Ecol and Evo, 17-19 Aug, Groningen, NL, deadline 10 Jun
  • Postdoc in modeling tomato plant-fruit system, Avignon, FR
April 10, 2011yes
  • Modeller/Risk Analyst position on infection dynamics at CVI Lelystad NL
  • Conference on arms-race virulence and host-defense 3-7 Sept, at Roscoff FR
  • Post-doc River-ecosystems and river toxicology, at Alberta CA
  • Open day at Boyd Orr Centre for Pop. and Ecosys. Health, 5-6May, Glasgow UK
  • Two positions at COSBI Systems Biology at Trento, IT
  • Symposium on Networks in Bioinformatics, 14-15 April, Amsterdam NL
  • Conference Math. Model. in Eco and Evo (MMEE) 17-19 Aug, at Groningen NL
  • Several stat / modell. positions on research of human aging, at Rostock DE
  • PhD position on schooling behaviour in fish, at Toulouse FR
  • Conference on mathematical oncology, 26-30 Sept at Erice IT
  • PhD position on evolution of animal phys,psych behaviours, at Bristol UK
  • Workshop "Towards System Biology" 30-31 May, at Grenoble FR
  • NBIC PhD Course comparative genomics, 27 Jun - 1 Jul, at Utrecht NL
  • 3 Week course on computational cell biology, 1-21 Jul, at Cold Spring Harbour, USA
  • Postdoc position in comp. cell. biol and neuroscience, Williamsburg VA USA
  • Research Fellow in modell. CO2 delivery, photosynthesis effic, at Warwick UK
  • Research Fellow in statis. analys. of honeybee viral immunity, at Warwick UK
  • Research Fellow in statis. analys. of root nodulation networks, at Warwick UK
March 9, 2011yes
  • Tutorial on high perf. computing 9-11 May, NIMBioS Knoxville Tennessee USA
  • Postdoc in mathematical ecology and evolution, at Helsink, FI
  • Master program in Computational Biology at Nice Sophia Antipolis, FR
  • Postdoc on Stoch. modelling of gene expression, at Grenoble, FR
  • 2 Postdocs on tumor and matrix modelling, at CWI Amsterdam, NL
  • Workshop on niche theory and speciation, 29-31 Aug, Keszthely HU
  • 2 Postdocs on Immun / Virol at Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  • Phd on Systems Vaccinology, at RIVM, Bilthoven NL
  • Workshop Modeling renal hemodynamics, on Aug 1-3 at NimBioS USA
  • Conference Comp. Methods Sys. Biol. (CMSB), on 21-23 Sep, 2011, Paris FR
  • Summer school ELME on evo-eco & game theory, on 6-24 Jun, at Michigan USA
February 14, 2011yes
  • Research Associate on T cell recognition at Warwick UK
  • Scientific Computing Lab Manager at Norwich UK
  • Course Modelling diseases and Econ. eval. 21-23 Feb, Bruges BE
  • Postdoc in HIV Transmission Dynamic-Modeling at Harvard US
  • Workshop Mathematical Modelling, 20-24 Jun at Casablanca MO
  • Postdoc and Master pos on Large Mol. Biol. Networks, at Oeiras PT
  • Summer course on Math. and Ecol, 6-24 Jun at ELME Michigan US
  • Summer graduate program on Math and Ecol, 25 Jul-5 Aug at Columbus OH US
  • Investigative workshop on Johne's Disease, 6-8 Jul, Knoxville US
  • 2 PhD pos on Evol. of disease & Collec. Desicionmaking at Sheffield UK
  • Workshop indiv. based ecol of microbes, 8-10 Jun at NIMBioS, Knoxville US
  • Workshop nonlinear dynamics of dyn. sys., 21-23 Sept at Urbino IT
  • Course Infec. disease modelling, 27 Jun-8 Jul at London UK
  • 2 PhD positions on food webs and diseases at Wageningen/Utrecht NL
January 18, 2011yes
  • Math. Modeller Epidemiologist position at Wagening UR (Lelystad, NL)
  • NIMBios tutorial May 18-21 2011, at Tennessee, Knoxville US.
  • Research Associate position modelling tuberculosis at Imperial, London UK
  • 2 postdoc positions on theor. evol. biol. in Montpellier, FR
  • UCID Symposium Infection Dynamics 9-11 Mar 2011, Utrecht NL (regis. 18feb)
  • Several workshops on prob. and discrete math in March and May, IMS Singapore
  • Support available for NIMBios activities (deadline 1 march)
  • Workshop models of metab. / body weight at NIMBios 12-15 Jul, Tennessee, US
  • Phd position on modelling asymp. cell division at Biology, Utrecht, NL
  • Workshop on Malaria modelling and control, at NIMBios 15-17 Jun, tennessee US
  • Permanent position theor. population ecology, Uppsala, SW
January 3, 2011yes
  • Tenure position in Math. and Stat. biology at McMaster University, CA
  • 2 Postdoc positions in Theor. Evol. Biol. at Montpellier, FR
  • Workshop on Biol. control networks on 8 Feb 2011 at Grenoble, FR
  • Summer School in Math. Biol. on 31 may-22 jul at NIMBioS Tennessee, USA
  • Summer Fellowships in evo-eco modelling from June to August at IIASA, AT
  • Junior/Senior Postdoc positions on biopredictors and allergy at Villejuif, FR
  • Winter School on evo-eco modelling of speciation 7-11 march 2011 at Abisko, SE
November 10, 2010yes
  • Postdoc in Systems Biology of Human health at Paris FR
  • Symposium DEB2011 (Dyn. Energ. Budget theory) at Lisbon, PT. Submit 15nov
  • Several positions available at BCAM at Derio, Spain
  • Workshop on Dyn. Systems, at CMAF in Lisbon, PT on 2-4 Feb 2010
  • Several positions at New England Complex Systems Institute, Cambridge,MA
  • Winterschool on Compl. Sys. at NECSI Cambridge, MA on 3-7, 9, 10-14 Jan 2010
  • Several Research Associate on Life and MedSci posts at CCS UCL, London UK
October 4, 2010yes
  • Meeting on T-cell control chronic/acute inf, 24-25 Jan 2011, London UK
  • PhD or Postdoc in reconstruction metabolic networks, Wageningen NL
  • 2 PhDs in embryogenisis at SILS, UvA, Amsterdam NL
  • Winter school on applied evolution equations, 13-17 Dec 2010, Twente NL
  • PhD or Postdoc in soil ecology / modelling, Wageningen NL
  • 2 Phd 2 Postdoc pop biol and genetics infec. dis., ETH Zurich, CH
  • 2 Facul. Pos at Biostat/Bioinf and Genome Science/Policy at Duke, USA
  • Postdoc in any Systems biology topic, any Max Planck institute, DE
  • Postdoc to work on Complexity-NET at Manchester, UK
  • Postdoc in evol/epidemiol of disease at McMaster, Ontario, CA
September 8, 2010yes
  • Postdoc fellowships at NIMBioS, Tennessee, USA
  • Postdoc positions at SymBioSys, Leuven BE
  • CSIE Compsci and Infor. Eng. congress 17-19 Jun 2011, China
  • Postdoc modelling vaccine stab / integrity at Lyon, FR
  • Postdoc in stat. anal. of *omics data for immunol. at Bordeaux, FR
  • Postdoc fellowships at Santa Fe Institute available, New Mexico, USA
  • Modeller position on Marine-CO2 response, Plymouth, UK
  • PhD position in modelling asym. cell division C. elegans, Utrecht NL
  • Tenure positions at Einstein Coll. of Med in comp. Biol. at Yeshiva Univ NY, USA
August 16, 2010yes
  • 6 faculty positions at MSL and CHiBi, Univ of British Columbia, CA
  • Modeller position on Marine-CO2 response, Plymouth, UK
  • PhD position in modelling asym. cell division C. elegans, Utrecht NL
  • 2 PhD, 1 Postdoc position in higher order social cognition, Groningen, NL
July 27, 2010yes
  • Postdoc in signalling in immune cells at Columbus Ohio, USA
  • Workshop on Modeling Angiogenesis 4th-8th Oct, at Leiden NL
  • Two positions in (theoretical) immunology at Imperial London, UK
  • Positions available in complex systems at NECSI, MA USA
  • Postdoc and Phd position on biological cell imaging at NCI, Amsterdam NL
July 2, 2010yes
  • Postdoc on symbiont co-evolution at ETH Zurich CH
  • Postdoc on adaptation to changing environment at Vienna AU
  • Workshop/Conference T lymphocyte dynamics, 24-25 Jan 2011, at London UK
  • Seminar on math. models of disease spread, this fall, at Utrecht NL
  • PhD on growth control modelling in E. Coli, at Sophia, FR
  • PhD on morphogenesis of Drosophila Wing, at Florida, USA
  • One-year junior fellowship scheme at Warwick, UK
  • Course on Complex Networks: struct and dyn. 28-30 Sep 2010, at Milano IT
June 8, 2010no
  • Travel grants available for inter-europe work on speciation research
June 3, 2010yes
  • Masters program on modelling humans. Second round of application @ Nice, FR
  • PhD on Identification of bacterial regulatory networks @ Grenoble, FR
  • Postdoc on impact of spread of transgen. genes to wild @ Groningen, NL
  • Research fellow on evolu. of molecular circuits @ Sussex, UK
  • Ecosystem modeller on carbon capture and storage @ Plymouth, UK
  • PhD on HPV spread and screening modelling @ Rotterdam, NL
  • PhD on spread of unhealthy behav. over networks @ Rotterdam, NL
  • Seminars on Mathem. models for the spread of inf. dis.'10-'11 @ Utrecht, NL
  • * PhD position on theoretical epidemiology @ Rothamstead UK
  • * Summer School on theoretical immunology, 13-17 Sep @ Leeds, UK
May 16, 2010yes
  • Conference on virtual physiological human, 30 sep - 1 oct, Bruxelles BE (D: 17may)
  • Course Multilevel Modelling of Morphogenesis 18-30 July, Norwich, UK
  • Summer School Dynamics of Infectious Diseases, 5-16 July, Utrecht NL
  • Phd position Spread of bacteria between anim. and hum. Utrecht NL (D: 31May)
  • Phd position Respondent driven detection of infec. diseas., Utrecht Nl (D: 31May)
  • Phd position on Host immune response and population immunity, Utrecht NL (D: 4Jun)
  • Postdoct position on eco and evo processes between heterogenous hosts, USA
April 27, 2010yes
  • Postdoc in comp / sys biol at UPMC, Paris FR
  • Summer School on biological and climate processes, 11-18 june, Venice IT
  • Postdoc systems biology applied to pathways in Salmonella, London UK
  • Postdoc comp biol / Th17 differentiation, Amsterdam NL
  • Open Postdoc programme for sys. biol., Magdeburg DE
April 12, 2010yes
  • Summer school in math. ecol and evo, 22-29 Aug, 2010 in Finland
  • PhD in PWA differential systems for genetic networks, at INRIA, FR
  • Workshop in using CC3D and SBW by Glazier and Swat, Indiana Univ, USA
  • Postdoc in Salmonella-orientated Systems Biology, London UK
  • Workshop data driven dynamical networks 26 Sep - Oct 1, Les Houches, FR
  • PhD in HPV infection dynamics in Amsterdam, NL (deadline 19 april)
  • 3 New England Complex System Courses, between 7-18 Jun, at MIT USA
  • Summer school and Workshop on Cancer modeling, 15-28 Aug, at Dundee UK
  • Workshop Discrete Dynamical Systems 30 Jun - 3 Jul, Urbino IT
  • Faculty pos. for theoretical biologist at McGill University, Physiology, CA
March 13, 2010yes
  • Postdoc on entropy maximization in ecosystems at Utah, USA
  • PhD on collapse of ecological communities at Sheffield, UK
  • Conference on virtual physiological human, 30 sep - 1oct at Brussels, BE
  • Conference on nonclinical statistics, 27-29 sep, Lyon FR
  • Researcher mathematical modeller at CVI Lelystad NL
  • Researcher on veterinary epidemiology risk analysis, at CVI Lelystad NL
  • Postdoc on complex networks in Oxford UK (deadline 10am, 15 mar)
  • Workshop Chaos and dyn. in Biol Networks. CNRS 3-8 May Corsica, FR
  • Postdoc bacterial regulatory network modelling at Grenoble, FR
  • PhD Modelling gene expressino dynamics at Grenoble, FR
February 28, 2010yes
  • Msc and PhDs at Warwick Systems Biology, Warwick UK
  • Symposium 27th april - Ticktactics in the lowlands, Amsterdam NL
  • Introductory course epidemiological modelling, 5-16 July, London UK
  • Workshop on graphical models for biology, 16 September, Lisbon PT
  • Course on modelling Infectious Diseases, 5-16 July, Utrecht NL
  • PhD on physical modeling of cell cytoskeleton, Grenoble FR
  • PhD on simulation model of HPV related diseases, VU Amsterdam, NL
  • Postdoc / Phd positions on systems biology, Leipzig DE
January 22, 2010yes
  • Postdoc positions at Compl. Netw. Res. (CCNR), at NE Univ and Hardvard
  • Postdoc on transgenerational effects in evol. at Cambridge/Exeter UK
  • Master course on mathematical biology. 9 feb-25 may, Amsterdam NL
  • Conference Models in Pop.Dyn and Ecol. 1-3 sep, Leicester UK
January 13, 2010yes
  • Summer Fellowships on ecological modeling at IIASA, Austria. Deadline 18 jan
  • Math Modeler on AMRB bacteria dynamics at the HPA, London UK, Deadline 21 jan
  • 2 Postdocs on trait-based plankton ecology, Michigan USA, Deadline 31 jan
January 5, 2010yes
  • Postgrad course on consumer-resource interaction 31jan-4feb 2010, NL
  • Postdoc on dynamics inf. diseases and imm. responses, at Tennessee USA
  • Senior Research position and Postdoc grants at CRM BellaTerra, Spain
  • Postdoc in immunol. and dynamics of inf. diseases at Los Alamos, NM USA
December 18, 2009yes
  • Summer School on Nonlinear Dynamics in Biol. Networks, Quebec, CA
  • 2-year Postdoc position in viral evolutionary genetics, Utah, US
  • Scholarships available for NECSI Winter School, 4-15 jan '01, Cambridge US
November 26, 2009yes
  • Postdoc on evo and spread of disease in humans, at Ontario CA
  • Postdoc on dynamic of flu in migratory birds, at Utrecht NL
  • PhD on heart morphogenesis from 1 okt '10 at Norwich, UK
  • Postdocs on theor. immunology/language develop. at Cali, US
  • Summer School, Ecology and Evolution 22-29 2010 at Helsinki FI
  • Workshop on physiologically structured models at 9am, fri 11 dec, Paris FR
  • Postdoc and Research Assistant on pathogens in wildlife, at New York, USA
  • Postdoc on cell morphogenesis at Grenoble, FR
  • Postdoc in math/comp immunology, at Bar-Ilan, IL
November 10, 2009yes
  • WWMB workshop on Mathematical Biology, 17-19 dec Trento, IT
  • Postdoc position in Viral epidemiology, at San Jose, California
  • Tenure position in theoret. evo-eco science at Bern, CH
  • Workshop on System Approaches in Immunology, 10-11 Jan, Santa Fe NM, US
October 25, 2009yes
  • Course on delay eq. and struct. pop. models, 11-15 Jan, Bilbao, ES
  • Positions at all levels available at the newly opened BCAM, Bilbao, ES
  • UCID Seminar on the dynamics of Pertussis, 23 Nov Utrecht, NL
  • PhD / Postdoc bioinf positions on gene networks and disease, Dresden, DE
  • PhD position in quantitative microbiology, Copenhagen DK
  • EPSRC Symposium on medicine from cell to organism, 14-15 Dec, Warwick UK
  • Tenure position for a quantitative ecologist at Florida, USA
October 2, 2009yes
  • Course on delay equations and structured pop models, 11-15 Jan, Bilbao ES
  • Postdoc position in theoretical evol. ecol. Munich, DE
  • Postdoc position in collective animal behaviour, Princeton USA
  • Postdoc position in mathematical ecology, Helsinki FI
  • Call for participation, workshop on social cognition, Haren NL
September 15, 2009yes
  • Call for Papers, RECOMB 2010 conference in April, Lisbon PT
  • Call for Papers, ICCS 2010 conference in June, Amsterdam NL
  • Postdoc on interface math. and biol, Tennessee USA
  • PhD in computing controlled cell growth, Amsterdam NL
  • Junior group leader in functional evolutionary genomics, Munster DE
August 19, 2009yes
  • Postdoc response prediction in cancer, at the NKI, Amsterdam NL
  • 2 Postdoc positions on gene networks and strategy, at Leiden NL
August 5, 2009yes
  • Symposium on statistics in life science on 20 aug, Leiden NL
  • PhD on modelling emerging inf. diseases and blood transfusion, Utrecht NL
  • Postdoc in machine learning / comp.sys.biol at Columbia NYC, USA
July 18, 2009yes
  • Summerschool Immunology, Imaging and Modelling, 31Aug-4Sep 09, Leeds UK
  • PhD position in Modelling of Food processing, Grignon FR
  • Conference on Evolution of Cooperation, 15-18 sep 09, Laxenburgh, Austria
June 29, 2009yes
  • Phd/Postdoc position on spread of HCV and STDs, in Amsterdam, NL
  • SoCPaR 2009 - Final Call for Papers, Malacca, Malaysia, dec 4-7, 2009
  • 3 PhD positions theoretical biology/immunology, at Utrecht, NL
June 18, 2009yes
  • Conference on Math.Mod. in Ecol. and Evo, Sep 10-11, Bristol, UK
  • Start of Master Applied Statistics in September, Leiden, NL
  • Conference on Comp.Math. population dynamics (CMPD3) in 2010, Bordeaux FR
  • Postdoc in modelling virus dyn. and evo., Georgia Tech, USA
  • Postdoc and staff pos on pathways and genomics, New York, USA
  • Conference on Math. Biol, Nov 23-26, in Stellenbosch, South Africa
May 28, 2009yes
  • Postdoc position unifying theoretical biology, Nara Japan
  • Workshop on complex data statistics, 23-25 nov, Groningen, NL
  • Conference on structured populations, 1-3 jul, Bath, UK
  • Workshop on experimental design/systems biology, 2-5 jun, Leiden, NL
  • Postdoc position in collective decision-making in Insects, Bristol UK
  • PhD position in philosophy of systems biology complexity, Kent UK
  • Introduction into modelling complexity, 6-8 jul, Manchester, UK
  • PhD position on modeling blood borne infec. diseases, Utrecht, NL
  • Postdoc position on modeling evolution of social behaviour, Gottingen, DE
  • Call for papers on Cooperative Strategies 12-14 may 2010, Granada Spain
May 6, 2009yes
  • PhD positions in Structural and Comp Biol, at EMBL, DE
  • Summer School, Conference and Workshop at Lipardi, IT Sep 13-26
  • PhD and PostDoc positions in Math. Biol at BCAM, ES
  • ICCS conference 2009, May 25-27, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA
  • PhD/Postdoc position in modeling Tick ecology, Calgary, CANADA
  • Scholarships available for courses on complex systems, 8-26 jun 2009,US
  • Summer School on complex systems in Lyon and Paris, Jul 20 - Aug 14, FR
  • Postdoc positions on complex systems at NECSI, Cambridge MA, USA
April 19, 2009yes
  • Several positions in Amsterdam, NL at the NCSB
  • Travel grants avail. for Symposium System Biology, 11-14 june, USA
  • Postdoc position in Theoretical Epidemiology, Utrecht, NL
  • Mathematical modeler infection transmission, London, UK
  • Msc program on computational biology in Nice, FR
  • Postdoc positions on Aquatic theoretical ecology, Sweden (see attach.)
  • Summer school on nonlinear dynamics, 9-15 august, Denmark
April 5, 2009yes
  • ISNB symposium on networks and bioinf., 22-23 april 2009, Amsterdam, NL
  • Conference Math. Model. in Medical Sciences, Nashville, 18-21 May, USA
  • Two postdoc positions on outbreak analysis, Imperial College London, UK
  • Two positions on detec. and control. of epidemics, Ispra Italy
  • PhD position at UMCU/RIVM on pathogen transmission, Bilthoven, NL
March 29, 2009yes
  • PhDs, register (deadline 1 april!) for EMSPEB at Schoorl, 14-19 aug, NL
  • 2 Postdoc positions in HIV evolution at UCLA, LA USA.
  • Workshop on regulatory networks, Villeneuve, 12-13 may, France
  • 2-year Research project, modeling severe hemophilia, Utrecht, NL
  • PhD in angiogenesis, at NISB/CWI, Amsterdam, NL
  • Two courses on bifurcation and adaptive dynamics in may 2009, Milano IT
  • Workshop at SAMSI, sept 13-26, New york city, USA
  • Workshop on synthetic biology, april 17-18, Paris, FR
  • announcement EPIDEMICS conference 2, 2-4 dec 2009, Athens, GR
March 11, 2009yes
  • Postdoc position on phylogeny/speciation at Umea University, Sweden
  • Course for professionals on Math.Models Epidemiology at London, UK
  • Research Fellow on Stocastic fluct. in biology, at Nara, Japan
  • Postdoc Quantitative Biol, Virus dyn. and evolution, Georgia, USA
  • RECOMB2009 conference announced, 17th May Tuscin AZ, USA
  • 2 Postdoc positions on influenza, NIH MIDAS, Texas USA
March 1, 2009yes
  • Workshop on Speciation, 21-23 April Groningen, NL
  • Upcoming symposium, course and conference on molecular evolution and
  • The computational Cell at Cold Spring Harbor, USA
  • Master in Computational Biology program, Nice France
  • Three positions in Edinburgh, UK on emerging diseases
  • Postdoc in Ecohydrological Modelling, Potsdam, DE
February 22, 2009yes
  • CHAOS2009 Modeling and Simulation Conference, Crete, GR 1-5 jun 2009.
  • Workshop Math.Mod. Biology, Medicine, Croatia, early deadline 28 feb
  • Postdoc Modeller GI Tract, Norwich, UK. deadline 8 march
  • Postdoc Evolutionary Theory, Queens Univ, Canada
  • Postdoc/PhD EU Land Use-Ecol/Econ, Wageningen, NL (deadline now!)
  • Workshop Modelling genomics, Southern France, early deadline 12 march
  • Petition to support scientists in france against planned reforms, FR
  • PostDoc Models/Methodology and biological problems, London UK (5 march)
  • Modelling Human Physiology, Summer School, 13-26 Sept, Sicily, IT
  • Position on Modelling Haemophilic Treatment Strategies, Utrecht, NL
  • Santa Fe Summer School Global Sust / Climate Change (deadline now!)
  • Conference Math.Model. Biology / Medicine, May 18-21, Nashville USA
January 31, 2009yes
  • 6th int. symposium on networks in bioinf. 22-23 april, Amsterdam NL
  • Tenure track position Systems Science, Portland State University, USA
  • CBS Fungal diversity seeks postdoc for 5y, Utrecht, NL
  • Petition against reorganizing away non-molecular biol.sci. in Leiden,NL
  • 2nd Course on Stat. Genetics and Stat. Genomics, 13-17 jul Honolulu, HI
  • Call for papers genetics and evol. comp conference gecco-2009, Canada
  • Postdoc, phd position and conference reminder for univ. of Muenster, DE
  • 2y postdoc, Modeling epidemiology at Lisbon, Portugal
  • Postdocs theoretical ecology at Cambridge, England
January 10, 2009yes
  • Summer Fellowships for Young Scientists in Austria. Deadline 19 january
  • Call for applications ECSB conference 29mar-3apr, Spain
  • PhD and PostDoc position on cancer modelling at Erasmus, Rotterdam NL
  • ICINCO conference on Automation and Robotics, july 2-5 Italy
  • Announcement ICCSA 2009 conference jun29-jul2 France
  • Abstract submission deadline for 18th ISSTDR, 28jun-1jul UK
November 27, 2008yes
  • ICCS 2009 Call for Papers, Baton Rouge LA USA: 25-27 may, 2009
  • Position: Assistant professor Theoretical Ecology, Amsterdam NL
  • Seminar on math.models infectious disease, feb 2009, Utrecht NL
  • Two tenure-track positions, computational biology, Colorado USA
  • Assistant professor position, complex systems, Michigan USA
  • Workshop on math.Models in Biology and Medicine, Dubrovnik Croatia 2009
  • Project Member/coder Biomodels/Systems Biology at NISB, CWI, A'dam NL
November 19, 2008yes
  • Staff member position: bio-statistics/informatics at CWI, Amsterdam, NL
  • Postdoc and PhD pos at CWI,NISB in computational biology, Amsterdam, NL
  • Call for Papers, Unconventional Computation '09 Sep 7-11, Portugal
  • PhD position: virtual rose, Wageningen NL
October 10, 2008yes
  • PhD position in Chronobiology, Groningen NL
  • Tenure position in mathematical biology, Alberta, CA
  • 3 PhD / postdoc positions in heart modelling at CARIM Maastricht, NL
  • Register for MEEGID IX, held at UC Irvine, California, 30th Oct - 1nov
  • Applications for postdoc positions at santa fe, NM USA
  • Infectious disease modeller starting 1 jan, Bern CH
  • Submission deadline extended for CSIE 2009, 31mar-2apr Los Angeles, USA
  • Course and Conference on Modeling and Diff.Eq., Feb9-13 Barcelona, SP
  • PhD in theoretical marine ecology, Belfast, North Ireland
September 25, 2008yes
  • Biophysics 2009 meeting - Oct 5 2008, Boston US
  • Symposium on adaption and evolution - Oct 15, Leiden, NL
  • Postdoc position on enteric nervous system models, Melbourne AU
  • Faculty position in computational Epidemiology, Hamilton, CA
  • Benelux Bioinf Conf, Dec 15-16, Maastricht, NL. abstract submiss.: 1 oct
  • Postdoc position on conservation ecology, Groningen, NL
September 4, 2008yes
  • Postdoc Evol. Ecol. at Bern, CH.
  • Symposium EMBL 2008 oct 23-25 call for applications
  • Postdoc design of influenza intervention strategies, USA / CA.
  • Postdoc in spread and evolution of viruses , Texas Austin USA
  • MEEGIX Mol. Epid. and Evol. Gen. Meeting 30th oct - 1 nov, Calif USA
August 16, 2008yes
  • Modeller at Univ of Bern (CH) on infectious diseases
  • 1Y Post-doc position at Avignon, FR on plant epidemiology
  • Post-doc at Bar-Ilan, Israel on Computational immunology
  • Call for papers, GECCO-2009 Jul 8-12 2009, Montreal, CA
July 28, 2008yes
  • Call for abstracts papers for Evo Devo - 8-9 oct, FR deadline 30 July.
  • Invite to organize workshops at the ICCS 09, Louisiana, US.
  • Postdoc on multi-organ mathematical models, Paris, FR.
  • Announcement of a course, conference and a workshop in beginning of
  • 2009 in Barcelona on mathematical biology, differencial equations
  • and deterministic stochastic modelling, respectively
June 23, 2008yes
  • Senior scientist position for 4 years in Theoretical ecology. Potsdam, DE
  • Workshop on Plant modelling, 8-9 sept Louvain-la-Neuve, BE
  • Summer school Comp. and Math. modelling for plant systens, 1-5 sept Ghent, BE
  • EU funding Energy and Environment opportunities
  • PhD Program Max Planck Institute and Friedrich Miescher Laboratory
  • Post-doc Theoretical ecology, population models at ENS Paris, FR
June 10, 2008yes
  • PhD position auditory neurophysiology in Rotterdam, NL
  • UD Wiskunde in Wageningen, NL
  • PhD Faculty position in ecological modelling in Potsdam, DE
  • Biophysical congress in Lisbon PT, 10-13 July
  • PhD and Postdoc positions in neuroinformatics, VU Amsterdam, NL
  • Letters of intent Mathematical biology and epidemiology, CEL, PT
May 18, 2008yes
  • Postdoc position: IBM of behaviour of bacteria, NIOO-KNAW, Heteren, NL
  • Course: Math. models of Epidemiology and.. , Imperial College London, UK
  • Workshop: Cognitive process. Conciliat. Behav., 12 June, Haren, NL
  • PhD positions: Systems Biology, Warwick, UK
  • Postdoc position: Experimental (Marine) Ecology Kiel DE
  • Faculty position: Theoretical ecology / modelling, Potsdam, DE
  • Summer School: Stochastic dif eq. models, Aug 3-16 Middelfart, DK
  • PhD and Postdoc pos: Epidemic modeling at ISI, Turin, IT
  • Symposium: Logic of gene regulat. networks, Brussels 30-31may, BE
  • Scholarships for NECSI summer school courses
  • 2 PhD positions in sub-projects B2 (Biological Oceanography), Kiel DE
  • Applications for meeting Th. Bio. & Bioinf. June 22-27 Barga, IT
April 22, 2008yes
  • Postdoc: T cell homeostatis modelling, Bordeaux France
  • Group leader: Biomodelling, NISB Amsterdam, NL
  • Call for abstracts: Second Q-bio Conference, Santa FE NM, USA aug 6-9
  • 3x Summer school: NECSI Complex Systems Activities jun16-jul4 MIT, USA
  • Seminar on from experimentation to modelling, jun8-11, St-Flour, FR
April 10, 2008yes
  • PhD position on Plant Systems Modelling, Ghent, Belgium.
  • Postdoc position on Influenza modelling, Toronto, Canada
  • Symposium: ISNB networks in bioinformatics, 21-22 April, A'dam, NL
  • PhD position on genome organization, Simula Research laboratory, Norway
  • PhD position Mathematical biology / Epidemiology, Rotterdam, NL
  • Course: Mathematical models in life and social sci, 6-9 jul L'Aquila Italy
  • Call for Papers: NETTAB 2008, 19-21 may 2008, Varenna Italy
  • Course Ecological network analysis 16-20 June 2008, Parma, Italy
  • Several PhD / Postdoc positions at Ramit Mehr Bar-Ilan University, Israel
March 28, 2008yes
  • Postdoc: virus RNA structure, Leiden Univ, NL
  • Conference: IET BioSysBio, 20-22 apr 2008, Imperial College London, UK
  • Course: modelling complex systems / genomics, near Lille, FR 7-11apr
  • PhD: ecosystem change in Lake Victoria, Wageningen, NL
  • Postdoc: biological physics, Calgary, CA
  • Conference: ICCS 2008, 23-25 June, Krakow, Poland
  • Postdoc 5x: Metagenomic Informatics, USA
  • Course: Modelling for Plant Systems, 1-5 sep 08 Ghent, Belgium
  • Conference: q-bio CNLS / IAS. 6-9 aug 08, Santa Fe, NM USA
  • PhD nx: Neurosci / Comp Biol / Life Sci, Lisbon, Portugal (deadline 4 apr)
  • PhD: modelling human Lymphocyte homeostasis, London, UK (deadline 7 apr)
  • Senior position: Mathematical Biology, IMARES Wageningen, NL (dl 21 apr)
March 13, 2008yes
  • Course on Mathematical modelling in biology, 14-18 April, Wageningen NL
  • Professor position in Ecology at Umea University, Sweden
  • Call for Abstract/Paper submission for CHAOS2008, Greece 3-6 Jun 2008
  • Postdoc position in theoretical ecology at ENS Paris
  • PhD position Biological Networks at Biometris, Wageningen NL
  • Lecturer position in mathematics, Leeds UK
  • PhD position in systems biology, Imperical College London, UK
  • Workshop on lymphocyte kinetics, London UK. Abstract subm before 16th of March
February 28, 2008yes
  • 2 Postdoc positions on ecol / math model / pop dyn at CEES, Norway
  • Lecture/Readership Climate Change, Imperial College London
  • Research Fellowship Climate Change, Imperial College London
  • Lectureship Biomathematics, Imperial College London
  • Call for papers: Unconventional Computation, Vienna Aug 25-28 2008
  • CoSMoS Workshop modelling / simulation, York UK Sep 11 2008
  • PhD Position mathematical Biology, Glasgow UK
  • School on modelling complex systems / genomics, Apr 7-11 Lille, FR
February 11, 2008yes
  • Faculty position: ecological modelling at Potsdam University, DE
  • Workshop: Lymphocyte kinetics in health and disease, 19-20 may, London UK
  • Summer school: Non-equillibrium dynamics of complex systems, sep 2008, UK
  • Conference: SBMC 08, 22-24 may, Dresden DE, abstracts before 29 feb.
  • Postdocs at Yale Medical School, Epidemiology, USA
  • Conference: EPIDEMICS 1, dec 1-3, Asilomar,CA USA, abstracts before 30 apr
  • Postdoc and PhD in Math. Biol, Univ of Helsinki, FI. apply before 14 march
January 18, 2008yes
  • Course: math.models of epidem & infec.dis 1-12 Sep, London UK
  • Position: Research Associate on homeostasis of T cells, Bordeaux FR
  • Conference: Diff.Eq. Mathematical Biology, June 23-27 Le Havre FR
  • Workshop: Modeling Comples Systems / Genomics, 7-11 apr, Lille FR
  • Position: Postdoc math.models spatial ecology, Ottawa CA
  • Workshop: Stoch.Diff.Eq Insulin / Neuronal modelling, Middlefart, DK
  • Contest: Social learning strategies tournament, St Andrews UK
January 10, 2008yes
  • Scholarship for Course on Complex Systems, 14-18 jan, MIT, US.
  • Faculty position in Computational Epidemiology, McMaster Univ, Canada
  • Postdoc available (apply before 13 jan) at the RIVM, NL
  • Conference RANDOM INHOMOGENEOUS SYSTEMS, 22-23 jan 2008, Paris, FR
  • Postdocs at Dafid Geffen School on HIV modelling, LA, USA
  • Faculty position Ecosystem modeling at University of Potsdam, D
  • PhD /Postdoc position at Simula, in Oslo, norway (deadline 15 feb 2008)
  • Summer Fellowships (evol and ecol) at IIASA, Austria. (deadline 15 jan)
  • PhD position on aquatic ecology, Wageningen, NL & Tanzania (15jan)
December 12, 2007yes
  • Course on mathematical methods for biology. 5 feb-20 may, Utrecht NL
  • Post-doc Theoretical Epidemiology, Rothamsted UK
  • Call for papers for the EHBE april 2008, Montpellier, FR
  • Postdoc Epidemiological modelling and Phylogenetics, Glasgow UK
  • European master in applied ecology (deadline jan 2008) , Europe
  • Postdoc Physics of Biology Networks (deadline before 13 dec!), Paris FR
  • Research fellowship at Cambridge UK (deadline 14 dec!) on Comp. Evolu.
  • Second call for papers ICCS, Krakow Poland
  • Postdoc visual exploration of gene regulation, Amsterdam NL
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships in Complex Systems at NECSI, Cambridge MA USA
  • Symposium Dynamic Energy Budget Theory, 24 jan VU Amsterdam NL
  • Conferences on Natural Computing and on Fuzzy Systems, 25-27 aug, China
  • Program of the PhD-day of friday 14 dec in Utrecht, NL
December 5, 2007yes
  • Biomedical Modeling School and Workshop, feb 27 - mar 02, India
  • Post-doc position mathematical modelin on inf. dis., Wageningen, NL
  • NECSI Winter School Jan 7-18, 2008, MIT Cambridge, MA USA
  • Post-doc positions at the David Geffen school of medicine, UCLA.
  • 8th summer school on biomedical imaging, 20-28 june 2008 , France
November 21, 2007yes
  • Call for abstracts (before 7 Dec), PhD-day 14 dec 2007 Utrecht, NL
  • 4th IGBF, 2-3 Feb 2008, Zappeion Megaron, Greece.
  • NECSI WINTER SCHOOL -- January 7-18, 2008, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Available PhD position on disease ecology, USA / NL
  • Lectureship in Complexity Sciences (two posts), Bristol, UK
November 15, 2007yes
  • Call for papers, ICARIS 2008, 10-13 aug Phuket, Thailand
  • SENSE context symposium, 20 nov 2007 Wageningen, NL
  • Call for talks & posters, SBMC 2008 22-24 may 2008 Dresden, Germany
  • Call for talks, HIV dynam. & evo., 27-30 april 2008, Santa Fe NM, USA
  • Upcoming genomics workshops in Wageningen, NL. register before 20 nov.
  • Post doc position Systems biology, INRIA Grenoble-rhone-alpes, France.
  • Call for abstracts for the NVTB Phd-day, 14 dec 2007 Utrecht, NL
  • Five Rosalin Franklin Fellowships available, Groningen, NL
November 6, 2007yes
  • Symposium in honour of Gerdien de Jong. 23 nov Utrecht, NL
  • Summer school on Systems Biology, may 2008 Montreal, Canada
  • 3 summer school/workshop events (2008-2010), Mathematical Modeling
  • Benelux bioinformatic conference, 12-13 nov 2007 Leuven, Belgium
  • RCUK Fellowship/Lectureship available, Manchester, UK
  • Postdoctoral felloship position available, Dresden, Germany
  • Creative evolution conference, 10 nov 2007 Warwick, UK
  • Postdoc positions available at NECSI
October 30, 2007yes
  • New maintainer and email for the NVTB mailing list
  • Announcement of the BMEI 2008 conference (28-30 May, China)
  • Call for postdoctoral fellowship applications in Santa Fe, NM, USA
  • Vacancy for a mathematical epidemiologist position, Pirbright UK
  • Invite for the Helsinki Summer School (24-31 Aug 2008)
  • Post-doctoral position at the Conservation Biology group, Paris, FR.
  • Genomic Research Event 2007 (dutch), 29 nov.
  • Post-doctoral position, School of mathematics, Minnesota, MN, USA
October 18, 2007yes
  • Conference on Creative Evolution, 10 Nov in Warwick
  • First call for papers, ICCS 2008
  • Two postdoc positions at the Centre for Infectious Diseases, Edinburgh
  • Two-day conference on inhomogeneous random systems, 23-24 Jan, Paris
  • Positions for lecturers / senior lecturer in experimental systems biology, Imperial College London
  • Position of Director at the Penn Center for Bioinformatics (PCBI), University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • Conference on Theoretical Biology, 2008 Gordon Research, 22-27 Jun at Barga, Italy
October 11, 2007yes
  • PhD & post-doc positions in Evolutionary and Theoretical Community Ecology
  • Symposium Integrative Bioinformatics
October 3, 2007yes
  • Symposium Integrative Ecology
  • Wetenschappelijk onderzoeker epidemiologie
October 2, 2007yes
  • Postdoctoral position available
September 28, 2007yes
  • Research Scientists (2 or more positions)
  • postdoc position in Theoretical Immunology at Imperial College London
  • PhD position in mathematical ecology
  • Positions in Mathematical Biology at the University of Alberta
September 19, 2007no
  • Workshop Control Theory for Systems Biology
  • Benelux Bioinformatics Conference 2007
September 14, 2007yes
  • more jobs
  • International Conference on Complex Systems 2007
September 14, 2007yes
  • Mathbio and PDE positions at U Alberta
  • PhD/postdoc positions in Helsinki
  • Positions in Theoretical Evolutionary Demography
  • epidemic modeling postdoc available
  • postdoctoral research assistants at the University of Glasgow
  • Computational Biology post doctoral Fellowships
  • Current Themes Symposium
September 7, 2007no
  • EO
September 3, 2007no
  • Workshop "Spatial fluctuations in cellbiology"
  • ESF-UB Conference in Biomedicine
August 20, 2007no
  • Eighth International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB 2007).
  • International Conference on Complex Systems 2007
August 13, 2007no
  • Mini symposium on the occasion of PhD defence of Barbara Boldin
July 29, 2007yes
  • Five positions available at the Department of Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, as PhD student or scientific programmer
July 27, 2007no
  • 14th Benelux Congress of Zoology
  • Linnaeus 300
  • International Conference on Complex Systems 2007
July 24, 2007yes
  • PhD student heart modeling Utrecht
  • Ph.D. student ECOLOGY Potsdam (Berlin) GERMANY
July 20, 2007yes
  • Uitnodiging symposium "Wat(er) is het probleem?
  • post-doc epidemiologie
July 17, 2007yes
  • Job announcement: Postdoc HPV transmission model, VU University Medical Centre
July 9, 2007yes
  • 8 Job Opportunities in Epidemiology - Lisbon
  • Info on MSc Special Study Program Evolution
  • ICNAAM 2007
July 4, 2007yes
  • professor position is open at AgroParisTech
  • Full Professorship (W3) in Ecology of Marine Nekton
  • Research Associate: Networks: Emergence and dynamics
July 1, 2007yes
  • scientific staff member (tenure track)
June 17, 2007yes
  • PhD positie: Dynamica van infectieziekten: Lelystad
  • Postdoc position at the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity
  • International Conference on Complex Systems
May 22, 2007yes
  • Vacancy Announcement: Senior Scientist
  • Four Post-doc positions at the Centre for Theoretical Biology,
  • PhD project on pathogen transmission and bio-security
May 9, 2007yes
  • Biology Without Borders
  • PhD or Postdoc position "Modelling the spread of transgenes"
  • Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation
  • Conference on Cellular Information Processing
  • NECSI Summer School / June 11-22, 2007
  • Partie III du cycle de conférences par Hans Metz: "Adaptive Dynamics"
May 3, 2007yes
  • Postdoc Computational Biology, University of Amsterdam
  • PhD student Computational Biology, University of Amsterdam
  • 2008 American Physical Society March Meeting
  • Mathematical Modeling of Tropical and Amazonian Ecosystems
  • Euro Mediterranean Conference on Biomathematics
  • Mathematical Models in Evolution and Ecology 2007
  • Second International Conference of the SFBT Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 25, 2007no
  • Biomedical Modeling and Cardiovascular-Respiratory Control
  • Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks
April 18, 2007no
  • Mathematical Models in Evolution and Ecology
April 14, 2007yes
  • 6th European Biophysics Congress
  • Postdoctoral position in Community Ecology
  • Nonlinear Sciences Gordon Research Conference 2007
  • Seventh International Conference on COMPLEX SYSTEMS
March 30, 2007yes
  • PhD position: Lymphocyte homeostasis in man
  • European Conference on Complex Systems
  • Associate Professor, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • POST-DOC Position in Applied Mathematics
  • Call for PhD program in Computational Biology (see attachment).
  • Postdoctoral position in Paris: modelling ecological invasion
March 19, 2007yes
  • 1 PhD position (4 years)
  • two postdoctoral positions
March 17, 2007yes
  • CMLS'07
  • Research Assistant / Ph. D student (f/m)
March 13, 2007yes
  • Complexity conference in Skopje, 7-9 May, 2007
  • Postdoc in theoretical pop genetics or evolutionary ecology
  • Vacancy: Post-doctoral Researcher, vegetation modelling
March 5, 2007yes
  • Two one-year post-doc positions in Mathematical Biology
  • Biology without Borders (see attachment)
  • Research Scientist in Bioinformatics
February 28, 2007no
  • Schoorl meeting
February 24, 2007yes
  • Biomedical Modeling and Cardiovascular-Respiratory Control
  • Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (MCCMB'07)
  • MSU Postdoctoral Instructorship in Mathematical Biology
  • EPSRC funded PhD positions in Unconventional Computing
  • NECSI SUMMER SCHOOL -- June 11-22, 2007
February 15, 2007yes
  • 2x Lecturers/Senior Lecturers in Systems Biology (also see attachment)
  • Linking ecological time scales: from behaviour to evolution
  • Position in theoretical ecology in Helsinki
  • Postdoctoral Position Available in Theoretical Ecology at McGill
  • postdoc: the early stages of adaptive radiation in grayling
February 13, 2007yes
  • Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics (CMPD2)
  • Second International Conference of the SFBT
  • Euro Mediterranean Conference on BIOMATHEMATICS
  • Vacancy : Postdoc position at CWI
February 7, 2007no
  • FEBS2007
  • European Conference on Complex Systems 2007
February 4, 2007yes
  • summer school Biomedical Modeling and Cardiovascular-Respiratory Control
  • [Biomath-ned] vacancy NISB: Junior Group Leader NISB
  • 4th International Symposium on Networks in Bioinformatics (ISNB)
January 31, 2007yes
  • Postdoc: Genetic variation in the susceptibility of Drosophila to viruses
  • Postdoc: Evolutionary Ecology of Immunity and Host-Parasite Coevolution
  • PhD position in Utrecht: see attachment
January 29, 2007yes
  • Research Assistant to work on systems biology in the mouse
January 25, 2007no
  • annual meeting
January 23, 2007yes
  • The 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, *ECEM*'07
  • Spring School on Dynamical Modelling of Biological Regulatory Networks
  • several postdocs to start at *McMaster*
  • attachment: announcement of Boulder Biophysics meeting
January 17, 2007yes
  • Research Positions in bioinformatics at INRIA Futurs - Lille (France)
  • Summer Fellowships for Young Scientists at the IIASA
January 5, 2007yes
  • Postdoctoral fellowship on Classification methods for DNA barcoding
  • Director Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Continental Environments
  • Conference Mathematical Models in Evolution and Ecology
December 22, 2006yes
  • happy holidays!
  • positions in Computational Systems Biology and Plant Genomics
  • Biomathematics mailing list
  • Research leader / Senior scientist in Population Biology
December 15, 2006yes
  • Bioinformatics Symposium, Jan 9th 2007, Nijmegen
  • Symposium on Dynamics of Patterns, April 26-27, 2007, Twente
  • Two 4 year EPSRC Studentships in Unconventional Computing
  • Scholarships for Courses on Complex Systems
December 11, 2006yes
  • Postdoctoral Scientist Position AQUASHIFT
  • Mediterranean Conference on Biomathematics
December 3, 2006yes
  • postdoc positions on cultural evolution
  • postdocs on Origins of innovation in tinkered networks
  • Postdoctoral Position in Computational Biology
November 30, 2006yes
  • Postdocs at (CMCB) at University of California, Irvine
  • Branco Weiss Fellowship
  • Postdoc population dynamics at CNRS-Chizi
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Computational Science, One Year
  • Workshop Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine
  • New book: Self-Organization in the Evolution of Speech
  • NECSI Winter School / January 8-19, 2007
November 22, 2006no
  • KNAW Meeting for Young Biomathematicians, 28 november
  • BIC/ISNB 2007
November 11, 2006yes
  • Stieltjes/NDNS+ Onderwijsweek
  • vacture RIVM
November 7, 2006yes
  • 15 NOVEMBER SYMPOSIUM (sponsored by the NVTB!)
  • New England Complex Systems Institute Announcement
  • ERATO Complex Systems Biology Project, JST
November 2, 2006yes
  • six postdoc in plant pathogen invasion
  • W3-Professorship (Full Professor) in Ecological Modelling
  • UBC Math is aiming to hire in Evolution this year
  • Group Leader: Cell Biology & Biophysics
October 29, 2006yes
  • Longitudinal and Incomplete Data
  • invitation to cmpd2-II Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics
  • Post-doctoral position in Systems Biology
October 24, 2006yes
  • PhD researcher Agent-based modeling of primate social behaviour
  • Two modeling postdoc positions in Lisbon - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia
October 19, 2006yes
  • CURRENT THEMES IN ECOLOGY 11: Ecological implications of adaptive behavior
  • Postdoctoral position in Paris: modelling ecological invasion
October 13, 2006yes
  • Postdoc position on epidemiological modeling of avian influenza
  • Three RCUK Fellowships in Complexity Science
October 12, 2006yes
  • Symposium on Ecological Implications of Adaptive Behavior
  • Ph.D. course on Consumer Resource Interactions
  • Postdoctoral position in theoretical ecology at McGill University
  • More Postdoctoral positions available in theoretical ecology at McGill
  • Tenure track position in Mathematical Ecology and Evolution UBC
  • Postdoc for the project ``Morphogenesis and gene regulatory networks in plants and animals: a complex systems modelling approach (MORPHEX)''
  • PhD Student for the project ``A Visual Exploration environment for Analyzing gene Regulation in Developmental processes (VEARD)''
  • Postdoc for the project ``A Visual Exploration environment for Analyzing
  • gene Regulation in Developmental processes (VEARD)''
  • Symposium Evolutionary Bioinformatics. Thursday November 16
October 4, 2006no
  • Meeting: Ecological implications of adaptive behavior
  • Forth International Conference on Mathematical Biology, Wuyishan, China
  • International Conference on Computational Science, Beijing, China
September 24, 2006yes
  • PhD positions at the ETH in Zurich.
  • computational and systems biology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer
September 19, 2006yes
  • postdoc position - Theoretical Epidemiology, Lisbon
  • Complex Systems: from physics to biology and the social sciences
  • Final Call for Registrations - European Conference on Complex Systems 2006
September 13, 2006no
  • Symposium Physiology based models and Adaptive dynamics
  • Symposium Stuart Pimm
September 2, 2006yes
August 31, 2006yes
  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: theoretical evolutionary biology
August 25, 2006no
  • Numerics and Theory for Stochastic Evolution Equations
  • Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics (*CMPD2*)
  • Midwest Quantitative Biology Conference, Sep 2006
August 25, 2006yes
  • Stuart Pimm Lecture: Sept 27
  • Faculty positions Santa Fe Institute
August 11, 2006yes
  • DIMACS Workshop on Immuno-epidemiology
  • Post-Docs in Computational Ecology and Biodiversity Science
  • postdoctoral position is available immediately in the Proulx lab
August 3, 2006yes
  • research associate position
  • fellowships at Bauer Center
  • International Society for Computational Biology
July 27, 2006yes
  • Reading Course at Utrecht University in the Fall of 2006
  • Postdoctoral positions in computational systems biology of cancer
  • Post-doc on the interface between cancer and development
July 24, 2006yes
  • two open postdoctoral positions at IIASA.
  • Vacancy in Theoretical Aquatic Ecology
June 22, 2006no
  • 2nd Announcement - D Y N A M I C S D A Y S 2006 - Crete, Greece
June 14, 2006no
  • another lecture on influenza!
June 14, 2006no
  • Lecture in Utrecht: Thursday June 15 16:00
June 11, 2006yes
  • PhD position Umea
  • Professor Santa Fe Institute
June 9, 2006no
  • Second Summer School on "Mathematics in Biology and Medicine"
June 7, 2006yes
  • Job offer: PhD position in Zurich
May 24, 2006no
  • Lecture Yoshihisa Morita (Ryukoku University)
  • CLS summerschool: see attachment
May 23, 2006yes
  • Summer School Mathematical Techniques in Modeling Physiological Systems
  • Summer school epidemiology
May 11, 2006yes
  • the CLS summer school
  • 6th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics
  • Cancer Modelling Workshop
  • Junior professorship (W1) in Molecular or Experimental Evolution
May 11, 2006yes
  • PHD student Theoretical Community Ecology Vacancy number CL-FS-06128
  • 3 Postdoc Positions in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
May 11, 2006yes
  • Lord Kelvin fellowship
  • Postdoc Mathematical Evolutionary epidemiology
  • Postdoc Position in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
May 11, 2006yes
  • mathematical modelling job offer
  • Postdoctoral position on Modelling the multi-strains competition
April 25, 2006no
  • XXVIth Seminar of the SFBT
April 24, 2006yes
  • Bioinformatics: open position at UU
  • symposium: Traits Traded Off: on recurring structures in evolutionary ecology
April 13, 2006no
  • Gordon conference
April 13, 2006yes
  • CEA-CREST Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • symposium Traits Traded Off: on recurring structures in evolutionary ecology.
  • The second Dynamics of Patterns Day (DoP-Dag)
  • ICNC'06-FSKD'06 in China
April 10, 2006yes
March 30, 2006yes
  • PhD Position in theoretical evolutionary biology
  • a post-doc position in Math Biology at Minnesota
  • XXVIth Seminar of the SFBT
March 22, 2006no
  • information about workshop and school
  • Start/discussiebijeenkomst Verkenning Biowiskunde
  • mini-symposium Ecological Patterns
March 21, 2006yes
  • postdoctoral fellowship at LANL working on viral and immune system
  • PhD position Ecosystem modeling in Hamburg
March 21, 2006yes
  • Summerschool Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina September 2006.
  • 5th International School TOPICS IN NONLINEAR DYNAMICS
March 16, 2006yes
  • Post-doc available in theoretical ecology
  • Postdoctoral positions in bioinformatics & Systems Biology
March 6, 2006no
  • NECSI Summer School 2006
February 23, 2006yes
  • PhD-natural resources management
February 22, 2006no
  • symposium wijsgerige biologie
  • summerschool: Space, time and the organization of life
February 15, 2006no
  • symposium: Influenza Ecology and Pandemics
  • Second Summer School on "Mathematics in Biology and Medicine"
February 15, 2006no
  • NVTB-meeting 2006
February 13, 2006no
  • Call for Papers KDECB 2006
February 9, 2006yes
  • PhD Position in biogeochemical modelling
  • Second Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics
February 3, 2006no
  • lectures on mathematical models in epidemiology and immunology
  • lecture on "Single-year-class orbits and their heteroclinic connections in nonlinear Leslie matrix models"
February 2, 2006yes
  • workshop on food-web theory held in Yokohama, Japan in September
  • vacancies: three postdocs in theoretical and empirical plankton ecology
January 27, 2006no
  • NVTB-meeting March 2 & 3, 2006
January 25, 2006yes
  • SMB meeting: abstract deadline
  • postdoc-position for a modeler in Antwerp
  • Advanced Course on Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
  • Chair in Systems Biology
January 20, 2006no
  • Gordon Conference: Theoretical Biology & Biomathematics
January 11, 2006yes
  • First announcement: summer school 2006 for computational life sciences
  • Position in Infectious Disease Epidemiology - IGC
January 10, 2006yes
  • Postdoctoral position in Mathematical Biology
December 23, 2005no
  • symposium 27 januari
December 21, 2005yes
  • PhD Position in Mathematical Modelling of Bioinvasions and Epidemic Spread
  • Lecture series: Dynamics of Physiologically Structured Population
December 15, 2005yes
  • postdoc immunity to infectious diseases
December 13, 2005yes
  • Two Bioinformatics positions at the NKI
December 12, 2005no
  • program of the NVTB PhD-day
December 7, 2005no
  • PhD day
December 5, 2005no
  • 5th European Conference on Computational Biology - ECCB '06
December 1, 2005no
  • 5e Neuroinformatica Workshop vrijdag 9 dec 2005 ZonMw/NWO
November 29, 2005yes
  • Postdoctoral Research Opportunity: HIV Evolution and Vaccine Design
November 17, 2005yes
  • Current themes in ecology 9: 'Mechanisms underlying adaptive responses to temperature' reminder
  • Postdoctoral position(s), University of British Columbia
November 16, 2005yes
  • Research Assistant (Random Graphs for Complex Biological Systems)
November 14, 2005yes
  • Doktorandenstelle
November 10, 2005yes
  • Lectureship in Biomathematical Sciences
November 9, 2005yes
  • symposium: Current Themes in Ecology
  • postdocs at the Santa Fe Institute
  • assistent professor at UNM
November 4, 2005yes
  • 7 Postdoctoral Positions in Systems Biology
November 1, 2005yes
  • Vacancies Wageningen University
October 24, 2005no
  • Summer school 2006, McGill Univ., Montreal
October 17, 2005yes
  • tenure-track math biology position at University of Iowa
October 4, 2005yes
  • vacature postdoc ecogenomics
  • Job ad Barcelona
September 22, 2005no
  • 12th Benelux Congress of Zoology
September 19, 2005yes
  • vacature Lelystad
  • Conference on Math&Mods of Biology and Evolution, 11-05-09 Leicester UK
  • Postdoc position on Machine Learning, in Bremen, DE
  • Summer School on PDEs, in Vancouver and Victoria CA, jul-aug 2009
  • Scholarships available for Winter School, Cambridge UK 5-23 jan 2009
  • PhDs, Postdocs and senior researchers wanted for the new BCAM, SP
  • ECCS09 Conference announced in Warwick UK, sept 2009.
  • Call for papers, Artific. Imm Sys., York UK, aug 2009
  • Postdoc / Assistant Researcher positions in Michigan USA, on epidemiology
  • Postdoc position on epidemiology avail in Albany, New Zealand