Course/Journal: Methods in Theoretical Biology

Methods in Theoretical Biology is

Why should I do such a course?

Why should I submit material?

Why did they set up this project?

The project "Methods in Theoretical Biology"

The general idea is to develop a dynamic do-it-yourself course that has several components that can be combined in many ways for different personal needs.

The examples and exercises are collected in a MySQL data base. Over the years, the collection of examples and exercises will grow, and cover many specializations in biology (ecology, medical biology, neuro-sciences, biochemistry, etc). The student can select the level of difficulty, and the biological specialization, for instance, from the example and exercise data-base, and compose his/her own selection, which, together with the general Method Document will provide material that optimally matches him/her interests. The student can also select a particular concept or technique and study its applications in the various biological specializations. The advantages of the style of working are that the course material is dynamic (each student and lecturer can make his/her own selection), and self-improving in quality through feedback from users.

At this moment we offer the material for self-study only. We will use it in our local courses, where we can offer guidance to students and organize discussions. We imagine that other lecturers can do the same. In the future we might organize tele-course in the style of the DEB and the DEBtox course.


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We have no particular reason to believe that this web-site will have a limited life span, but from our biological experience we know that nothing is for ever. In the unfortunate case that we have to close this web-site in the unforeseen future, we herewith claim the right to close this web-site and we do not accept any responsibility for that, or its direct or indirect effects and consequences. In such a case we will try to move it to another adress.

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