gets all species that are closest related to specified taxa



[members, taxon] = clade (taxa, level)


If taxa contains several members, clade gets all species in the add_my_pet collection that belong to the lowest common taxon of a group of taxa. To find this taxon, the lineages of all members of input taxa are obtained, then the taxon of lowest rank is found that is shared by all members of input taxa and all members of this taxon in the add_my_pet collection are selected. If a single taxon is specified, members are selected from a taxon that is a number of levels up in the classification, including the single taxon. If this single taxon is not present in AmP, it is searched in Catalog of Life and Taxonomicon, and the lowest taxon in these lineages that is present in AmP is selected as clade




The root is Animalia; If this is the lowest common taxon, the output contains all species in the collection. Print properties of related taxa with e.g. prtStat(clade('Lemmus_trimucronatus'), 'p_M');. Include the tree as well with e.g. [~, taxon]= clade('Lemmus_trimucronatus'); pedigree(taxon, 'p_M')

Example of use

members = clade({'Gorilla', 'Tupaia'}) or clade('Daphnia_magna') or clade('Homarus_gammarus',4) or clade('Daphnia_galeata') % while 'Daphnia_galeata' was not present in AmP at 2018/01/05