plots statistics and/or parameters



[Hfig val entries missing] = shstat(vars, legend, label_title, Hfig)


plots statistics and/or parameters using allStat.mat as source (which must exist).

Input vars can be a cell-string with names of parameters and/or statistics, but can also be a numerical (n,1)- or (n,2)- or (n,3)-matrix for n = length(select), but the labels on the axis are then empty and output val equals input vars. In that case, read_allStat is bypassed and labels must be set by user afterwards, see mydata_shstat.

If the number of variables as specified in vars equals 1, legend is optional and specifies the colors of the survivor function and median (default: {'b','r'}). If legend is an (n,2)-cell array with color specs of survivor functions and medians, n survival curves are plotted. If the marker specifications in the legend are cell strings of length 3, the number of variables must be 3 and the third one is used to set colors using the lava color scheme.




Legend can be set/modified for taxa with select_legend and for eco-codes with select_legend_eco. These are (n,2)-cell arrays with as as colums, character strings for taxa or cell-strings for eco-codes. Be aware that the sequence of rows in legend matters. shstat composes a selection-of-entries matrix with first-to-last colum corresponding to taxa in first-to-last row of legend. In the case that a taxon is included in another one, double plotting is suppressed from first-to-last column of selection matrix, and plotting is done for last-to-first column. So, if Aves and Animalia are in legend in this sequence, Animalia-markers are not plotted for Aves, and Aves-markers are on top of Animalia-markers in case of crowding. If Animalia is in legend before Aves, no Aves-markers are shown.

If the marker specs have length 3 and there are 3 variables, points with a larger value for the third variable will be plotted on top of the ones with a smaller value. The third variable is then used to set the colors of the markers

If eco-codes are used, the third input is treated as taxon specification, and the title is set by default; it be overwritten afterwards. The number of variables should then be larger than 1.

Set options with shstat_options (such as logarithmic transformation of axes). Symbols and units are always plotted on the axes in non-numerical mode, but descriptions only if x_label, and/or y_label and/or z_label is 'on'.

In case of 1 variable: ylabel 'survivor function' is plotted if y_label = 'on'; input legend is then optional. Legend should alternatively be specified as: = a 2-cell string, the cells represent color specs for survivor function and median. = a line-legend (composed with select_llegend), the variable are plotted as several survivor functions, with median values in the same colors.

In case of 2 variables: xy-labels are linked to markers (click on them to see entry-names).

In case of 3 variables: hit rotation in the toolbar of the figure.

Make sure that allStat has been generated at the correct temperature (for times and rates); all parameters are at T_ref. Make sure that allStat is consistent with select('Animalia'); can be done via write_allStat.

Example of use

see mydata_shstat