DEB videos

topic narrating duration date
DEBscom: Species completeness Bas Kooijman 5:04 2021/04/27
DEBfood: Food correction Bas Kooijman 11:07 2021/04/12
DEBtemp: Temperature correction Bas Kooijman 12:16 2021/04/11
DEBipar: Interval parameter estimation in AmP context Bas Kooijman 11:08 2020/12/30
DEBdmod: DEB models & parameters in AmP Bas Kooijman 14:14 2020/12/25
DEBbije: Bijection between data- & parameter-space Bas Kooijman 9:44 2020/12/24
DEBdtox: Effects of toxicants in DEB context Bas Kooijman 11:59 2020/12/22
DEBbody: Body size as an emergent trait of metabolism Bas Kooijman 8:31 2020/12/21
DEBevol: Evolution of metabolic organisation Bas Kooijman 13:06 2020/12/21
DEBsynu: Synthesizing Units Bas Kooijman 12:17 2020/12/19
DEBqmod: Role of models in quantitative science Bas Kooijman 8:34 2020/12/18
DEBustd: Uniqueness of the std DEB model Bas Kooijman 10:56 2020/12/16
DEBhomo: Forms of homeostasis Bas Kooijman 11:57 2020/12/15
DEBmpar: Multi-species parameter estimation Bas Kooijman 9:33 2020/12/09
DEBpatt: Patterns in parameter values Bas Kooijman 13:18 2020/12/08
DEBrpar: Comparison with reference species Bas Kooijman 6:54 2020/12/04
DEBvpar: Prediction for varying food/temperature Bas Kooijman 12:33 2020/12/03
DEBcpar: Parameter estimation in practice Bas Kooijman 8:25 2020/12/03
DEBppar: Point parameter estimation Bas Kooijman 10:46 2020/12/02
DEBampe: AmP Entry Prepare System Bas Kooijman 13:49 2020/11/30
DEBecoc: Eco Codes Bas Kooijman 9:26 2020/11/27
DEBshst: Plotting with shstat Bas Kooijman 10:14 2020/11/27
DEBampt: AmPtool/AmPdata Bas Kooijman 10:22 2020/11/25
DEBdebt: DEBtool Bas Kooijman 4:20 2020/11/25
DEBdnot: DEB notation Bas Kooijman 10:13 2020/11/25
DEBdcom: Data completeness Bas Kooijman 13:54 2020/11/25
DEBsite: Add-my-Pet website Bas Kooijman 11:22 2020/11/25
DEBtour: Guided tour along DEB resources Bas Kooijman 10:31 2020/11/25
Energy budgets and their integration with physical biology Mike Kearney 37:26 2020/08/24
DEB theory & ecosystem modelling (MOOC Técnico: Dynamic Energy Budgets) Sofia Saraiva 4:45 2019/02/19
DEB applications in Deep Sea Biology (MOOC Técnico: Dynamic Energy Budgets) Starrlight Augustine 6:41 2019/02/12
DEB application in Ecotoxicology (MOOC Técnico: Dynamic Energy Budgets) Jan Baas 4:46 2019/02/12
Studying the metabolism of birds through DEB theory (MOOC Técnico: Dynamic Energy Budgets) Carlos Teixeira 5:27 2019/02/12
AmP short story: Bynoe's gecko Mike Kearney 1:09 2018/09/11
Biodiversity in the context of DEB theory Bas Kooijman 45:51 2017/06/06
Environmental sustainability challenges in the Arctic: developing solutions with the help of DEB JoLynn Carrol 34:13 2017/06/06
What is maturity? Discussing links between the concept and the underlying physiology of organisms Starrlight Augustine 49:17 2017/06/06
DEB theory as integrative hub for evaluating organismal performance in multivariate environments Erik Muller 55:04 2017/06/06
On the relevance and irrelevance of DEB models for population and community dynamics André de Roos 1:06:20 2017/06/06
Size matters for balancing energy supply and demand in aquatic ectotherms Wilco Verberk 54:34 2017/06/06
Effects of mixtures of compounds Jan Baas 37:29 2017/05/31
General Ecosystem Models: virtual tools for exploring the living world Mike Harfoot 37:29 2017/05/31
A simple application of a complex ecosystem model Sofia Saraiva 32:42 2017/05/31
Derivation of reserve dynamics Jean-Christophe Poggiale 13:10 2017/03/13
Temporal scales of biological organisation Bas Kooijman 2:18 2017/03/09
How to compose a predict-file Starrlight Augustine 3:05 2016/12/08
Adding uni-variate data in a my_data-file Starrlight Augustine 2:57 2016/12/08
Biology-based models applied to ecotoxicology Starrlight Augustine 19:39 2016/03/09
QSARs from the perspective of TKTD modelling Tjalling Jager 34:49 2016/03/10
Ecotoxicology from a different perspective Jan Baas 29:22 2016/03/03
Where fascination meets profession Bas Kooijman 1:32:08 2015/05/01
Overview: DEBs from molecules to ecosystems Roger Nisbet 1:14:57 2013/04/03
Limitations of biomass based models and motivation for DEB models Roger Nisbet 1:19:56 2013/04/03
The standard DEB model: further details, including modeling fluxes of elemental matter Roger Nisbet 1:18:43 2013/04/03
Applications of DEB theory to exotoxicology and nanotoxicology Roger Nisbet 1:15:36 2013/04/03
Motivation & aims of DEB theory Bas Kooijman 5:47 2010/03/01