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Model: abj climate: MB, MC migrate: Mo
COMPLETE = 2.5 ecozone: MAE food: biCi
MRE = 0.081 habitat: 0iMcp gender: D
SMSE = 0.070 embryo: Fc, Fh reprod: O

Zero-variate data
ab 26 22.7 (0.1271)dage at birthPalmCull2006
ap365 348 (0.04657)dage at pubertyTurnBamb1981
am1825 1827 (0.001035)dlife spanfishbase
Lb0.696 0.7885 (0.1328)cmtotal length at birthPalmCull2006
Lp6.8 7.704 (0.1329)cmtotal length at pubertyPajuLore2000
Li 21 23.96 (0.1409)cmultimate total lengtheol
Wwb0.0022 0.002345 (0.06607)gwet weight at birthPajuLore2000
Wwp2.26 2.188 (0.03195)gwet weight at pubertyPajuLore2000
Wwi70.4 65.81 (0.06521)gultimate wet weightPajuLore2000
Ri18.9 18.81 (0.004805)#/dmaximum reprod rateTurnBamb1981
Uni-variate data
DatasetFigure(RE)Independent variableDependent variableReference
tL see Fig. 1 (0.1441)time since birthtotal lengthMoreMora2003
Pseudo-data at Tref
DataGeneralised animalAtherina presbyterUnitDescription
v 0.02 0.02951cm/denergy conductance
kap 0.8 0.6546-allocation fraction to soma
kap_R 0.95 0.95-reproduction efficiency
p_M 18 35.83J/^3vol-spec som maint
k_J 0.002 0.0021/dmaturity maint rate coefficient
kap_G 0.8 0.807-growth efficiency


  • W = 0.006536 * L^3.04102 (males), 0.006542 * L^3.04922 (females) (ref: PajuLore2000)
  • Most female sand-smelts (73


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  • [PajuLore2000] J. G. Pajuelo and J. M. Lorenzo. Biology of the sand smelt, Atherina presbyter (Teleostei: Atherinidae), off the Canary Islands (central-east Atlantic). Environmental Biology of Fishes, 59:91--97, 2000.
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