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Model: std climate: MA, MB migrate: Mo
COMPLETE = 2.7 ecozone: MC food: biCi, biCvf
MRE = 0.146 habitat: 0iMr gender: D
SMSE = 0.171 embryo: Mv reprod: O

Zero-variate data
ab 50 38.76 (0.2249)dage at birthGilmDod1993
tp2190 1647 (0.2477)dtime since birth at puberty for femalesADW
tpm1643 1531 (0.06766)dtime since birth at puberty for malesADW
am4380 4380 (2.885e-05)dlife spanAnAge
Lb 10 12.81 (0.2809)cmtotal length at birthGilmDod1993
Lp220 269.5 (0.2249)cmtotal length at puberty for femalesfishbase
Lpm195 243.9 (0.2506)cmtotal length at puberty for malesADW
Li330 376 (0.1394)cmultimate total length for femalesfishbase
Wwb9.2 9.343 (0.0155)gwet weight at birthfishbase
Wwp8.166e+04 8.699e+04 (0.06526)gwet weight at puberty for femalesfishbase
Wwpm5.728e+04 5.92e+04 (0.03343)gwet weight at puberty for malesfishbase
Wwi2.69e+05 2.363e+05 (0.1216)gultimate wet weightfishbase
Ri2.74 2.746 (0.002359)#/dmaximum reprod rate at 269 cmGilmDod1993
Uni-variate data
DatasetFigure(RE)Independent variableDependent variableReference
tL_e see Fig. 1 (0.5058)agetotal lengthGilmDod1993
tL_f see Fig. 2 (0.09818)time since birthtotal lengthCoveKist1991
tL_m see Fig. 2 (0.06444)time since birthtotal lengthCoveKist1991
Pseudo-data at Tref
DataGeneralised animalCarcharias taurusUnitDescription
v 0.02 0.05596cm/denergy conductance
kap 0.8 0.9246-allocation fraction to soma
kap_R 0.95 0.95-reproduction efficiency
p_M 18 33.01J/^3vol-spec som maint
k_J 0.002 0.0021/dmaturity maint rate coefficient
kap_G 0.8 0.8013-growth efficiency


  • Preferred temp 26 C (ref: fishbase)
  • Depth: 0 - 60 m (ref: ADW)
  • Weight (g) - length (cm): Ww = 0.0106 * L^2.940 (ref: fishbase)


  • Males are assumed to differ from females by {p_Am} only
  • Although the reproduction rate is high, due to sibling cannibalism, only 1 pup of 1 m is produced each 2 yr
  • Life span of 12 yr seems too short, compared to other sharks
  • The fit ignors embryo data that show a low length at high age
  • Early juvenile data are underestimated, probably by ignoring gut contents


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Bas Kooijman, 2017/08/05

accepted: 2017/08/05

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