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Model: abj climate: MA migrate:
COMPLETE = 2.3 ecozone: MI, MPW food: bjPz, jpHa, piPz
MRE = 0.036 habitat: 0jMp, jiMr gender: D
SMSE = 0.053 embryo: Mp reprod: O

Zero-variate data
am9125 9074 (0.005627)dlife spanChoaAxe1996
Lp19.8 20.3 (0.02542)cmtotal length at pubertyguess
Li 60 56.1 (0.06505)cmultimate total lengthfishbase
Wwb0.00023 0.0002329 (0.01247)gwet weight at birthLeis1989
Wwp217 215 (0.009323)gwet weight at pubertyguess
Wwi4540 4534 (0.001268)gultimate wet weightfishbase
Ri4110 4085 (0.005879)#/dmax reprod rateguess
Uni-variate data
DatasetFigure(RE)Independent variableDependent variableReference
tL see Fig. 1 (0.1603)time since birthtotal lengthChoaAxe1996
Pseudo-data at Tref
DataGeneralised animalNaso brevirostrisUnitDescription
v 0.02 0.01789cm/denergy conductance
kap 0.8 0.8975-allocation fraction to soma
kap_R 0.95 0.95-reproduction efficiency
p_M 18 8.776J/^3vol-spec som maint
k_J 0.002 0.00049491/dmaturity maint rate coefficient
kap_G 0.8 0.799-growth efficiency
k 0.3 0.2953-maintenance ratio


  • weight-length relationship: W in g = 1.088e-4 * (SL in mm)^2.743 (ref: ChoaAxe1996)
  • Marine; reef-associated; depth range 0 - 15 m (ref: fishbase)


  • In view of low somatic maintenance, pseudodata k_J = 0.002 1/d is replaced by pseudodata k = 0.3


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  • [ChoaAxe1996] J. H. Choat and L. M. Axe. Growth and longevity in acanthurid fishes; an analysis of otolith increments. Mar Ecol Prog Ser, 134:15--26, 1996.
  • [Kooy2010] S.A.L.M. Kooijman. Dynamic Energy Budget theory for metabolic organisation. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2010.
  • [Leis1989] J. M. Leis. Larval biology of butterflyfishes (Pisces, Chaetodontidae): What do we really know? Envir. Biology of Fishes, 25:87--100, 1989.

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