Parameter values for this entry

Model:  abj  

Primary parameters at reference temperature (20 deg. C)
symbol value units description
p_Am 204.93 J/^2{p_Am}, spec assimilation flux
F_m 18.73 l/^2{F_m}, max spec searching rate
kap_X 0.8 -digestion efficiency of food to reserve
kap_P 0.1 -faecation efficiency of food to faeces
v 0.014817 cm/denergy conductance
kap 0.57378 -allocation fraction to soma
kap_R 0.95 -reproduction efficiency
p_M 176.623 J/^3[p_M], vol-spec somatic maint
p_T 0 J/^2{p_T}, surf-spec somatic maint
k_J 0.002 1/dmaturity maint rate coefficient
E_G 526.26 J/cm^3[E_G], spec cost for structure
E_Hb 0.001202 Jmaturity at birth
E_Hj 0.03216 Jmaturity at metam
E_Hp 4070 Jmaturity at puberty
h_a 1.754e-14 1/d^2Weibull aging acceleration
s_G 0.0001 -Gompertz stress coefficient
Parameters specific for this entry at reference temperature (20 deg. C)
symbol value units description
W0A 5.2815 ginitial wet weight for tWwA data
W0B 5.851 ginitial wet weight for tWwB data
W0C 3.6028 ginitial wet weight for tWwC data
Wd0 0.87488 gdry weight for TJO and TJN data
d_VC -0.054643 g/cm^3carbon density of structure
d_VN -0.0025351 g/cm^3nitrogen density of structure
del_M1 0.16141 -shape coefficient for bell diameter rhopalia to rhopalia
del_M2 0.081265 -shape coefficient for bell diameter lappet to lappet
del_W 2.9203 -dry - ash free dry weight ratio
del_Y 1.3576 -shape coefficient for egg
f 1 -scaled functional response for 0-var data
f_A 0.46 -scaled functional response for tWwA data
f_B 0.42 -scaled functional response for tWwB data
f_C 0.45 -scaled functional response for tWwC data
Temperature parameters
symbol value units description
T_A 11270 KArrhenius temperature
T_ref 293.15 KReference temperature
Chemical parameters
Food Structure Reserve Faeces
Chemical potentials (J/C-mol) 525000 500000 550000480000
Specific density for dry weight (g/cm^3) 0.02 0.02 0.020.02
Food Structure Reserve Faeces
Chemical indices for organicsCarbon 1 111
Hydrogen 1.8
Oxygen 0.5
Nitrogen 0.15
CO2 H2OO2 N-waste
Chemical indices for mineralsCarbon 1 000
Hydrogen 0 203
Oxygen 2 120
Nitrogen 0 001