Sets options for



estim_options (key, val)


Sets options for estimation one by one


  'default': sets options at default values
   any other key (see below): print value to screen
    're' - relative error (symmetric by addition);
    'sb' - multiplicative symmetric bounded (default);
    'su' - multiplicative symmetric unbounded;
    1 - use filter (default);
    0 - do not;
  'cov_rules': (only used for multispecies estimation)
    no: multi-species estimation without links between parameters (default)
    maturities: multi-species estimation with maturity levels that are proportional to cubed zoom factors
    0 - get initial estimates from automatized computation (default)
    1 - read initial estimates from .mat file (for continuation)
    2 - read initial estimates from pars_init file
    0 - prints results to screen (default)
    1 - prints results to screen, saves to .mat file
    2 - saves data to .mat file and graphs to .png files
        (prints results to screen using a customized results file when it exists)
    'nm' - use Nelder-Mead method;
    'no' - do not estimate;



For other options see corresponding options file of the minimazation algorithm, e.g. nmregr_options. See estim_pars for application of the option settings. Initial estimates are controlled by option 'pars_init_method', but the free-setting is always taken from the pars_init file

Example of use

estim_options('default'); estim_options('filter', 0); estim_options('method', 'no')