Sets referenced data



[data, auxData, metaData, txtData, weights] = mydata_my_pet


Sets data, pseudodata, metadata, auxdata, explanatory text, weights coefficients. Meant to be a template in add-my-pet



Plots with the same labels and units can be combined into one plot by assigning a cell string with dataset names to metaData.grp.sets, and a caption to metaData.grp.comment.

To do (remove these remarks after editing this file)

set metaData

set data

zero-variate data; typically depend on scaled functional response f. here assumed to be equal for all real data; the value of f is specified in pars_init_my_pet. add an optional comment structure to give any additional explanations on how the value was chosen, see the last column of the ab data set for an example

set weights for all real data

overwriting weights (remove these remarks after editing the file)

the weights were set automatically with the function setweigths, if one wants to ovewrite one of the weights it should always present an explanation example:

zero-variate data: weights.Wdi = 100 * weights.Wdi; % Much more confidence in the ultimate dry % weights than the other data points uni-variate data: weights.tL = 2 * weights.tL;

set pseudodata and respective weights

(pseudo data are in data.psd and weights are in weights.psd)

overwriting pseudodata and respective weights (remove these remarks after editing the file)

the pseudodata and respective weights were set automatically with the function setpseudodata if one wants to overwrite one of the values then please provide an explanation example: data.psd.p_M = 1000; % my_pet belongs to a group with high somatic maint weights.psd.kap = 10 * weights.psd.kap; % I need to give this pseudo data a higher weights

pack auxData and txtData for output

Discussion points


list facts: F1, F2, etc. make sure each fact has a corresponding bib key do not put any DEB modelling assumptions here, only relevant information on biology and life-cycles etc.


the following reference should be kept for chemical parameter settings -----------------------------