Computes implied properties of DEB models



[stat txtStat] = statistics_st(model, par, T, f)


Computes quantites that depend on parameters, temperature and food level. The allowed models are: std, stf, stx, ssj, sbp, abj, asj, abp, hep, hex.



   - f: scaled function response (set by input); all
   - T: absolute temperature (set by input); all
   - TC: temperature correction factor; all
   - w_X, w_E, w_V, w_P: molecular weights; all
   - p_Am: specific max assimilation flux; all
   - L_m: maximum structural length; all
   - k_M: maintenance rate coefficient; all
   - k: maintenance ratio; all
   - j_E_M, j_E_J, J_E_M, J_E_T: (mass-spec) somatic/maturity maint costs; all
   - l_T, L_T: (scaled) heating length; all
   - E_m, m_Em: reserve capacity; all
   - E_V: volume-specific energy of structure; all
   - M_V: volume-specific mass of structure; all
   - w: contribution of ash free dry mass of reserve to total ash free dry biomass; all
   - g: energy investment ratio; all
   - y_E_X, y_X_E: yield of food on reserve; all if kap_X exists
   - y_V_E, y_E_V, yield of structure on reserve; all
   - p_Xm: max spec feeding power; all if kap_P exists
   - J_X_Am: max surface-spec feeding flux; all if kap_X exists
   - y_P_X, y_X_P: yield of food on faeces; all if kap_P exists
   - y_P_E: yield of faeces on reserve; all if kap_P and kap_P exist
   - eta_XA, eta_PA, eta_VG: mass-power couplers for organics; all if kap_P and kap_P exist
   - kap_G: growth efficiency; all
   - t_E: maximum reserve residence time; all
   - s_M, sM_min: acceleration factor; but sM_min not for hex
   - s_s: supply stress; all
   - s_Hbp: maturity ratio; all
   - s_HLbp: maturity density ratio; all
   - r_j: exponential growth rate; all a- and h-models
   - r_B: von Bertalannfy growth rate; all s- and a-models
   - W_dWm: wet weight at max growth; all models
   - dWm: max growth in wet weight; all models
   - M_E*, U_H*, V_H*, u_H*, v_H* scaled maturities at all levels; all
   - E_0: energy investment in egg/foetus; all
   - M_E0: reserve invested in egg/foetus; all
   - Ww_0: initial wet weight; all except stf, stx
   - Wd_0: initial dry weight; all except stf, stx
   - a_h: age at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - L_h: structural length at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - M_Vh: structural mass at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - M_Eh: reserve mass at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - Ww_h: wet weight at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - Wd_h: dry weight at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - E_Wh: energy content at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - del_Uh: fraction of reserve left at hatch; all if E_Hh exists
   - a_b: age at birth; all (called gestation for stf and stx)
   - t_g: gestation time; stf, stx
   - L_b: structural length at birth; all
   - M_Vb: structural mass at birth; all
   - M_Eb: reserve mass at birth; all
   - Ww_b: wet weight at birth; all
   - Wd_b: dry weight at birth; all
   - E_Wb: energy content at birth; all
   - del_Ub: fraction of reserve left at birth; all
   - g_Hb: energy divestment ratio at birth; all
   - a_p: age at puberty; all
   - L_p: structural length at puberty; all
   - M_Vp: structural mass at puberty; all
   - M_Ep: reserve mass at puberty; all
   - Ww_p: wet weight at puberty; all
   - Wd_p: dry weight at puberty; all
   - E_Wp: energy content at puberty; all
   - g_Hp: energy divestment ratio at puberty; all
   - L_i: ultimate structural length; all
   - M_Vi: ultimate structural mass; all
   - M_Ei: ultimate reserve mass; all
   - Ww_i: ultimate structural weight; all
   - Wd_i: ultimate structural dry weight; all
   - E_Wi: ultimate energy content; all
   - del_V: fraction of max weight that is structure; all
   - xi_WE: whole-body energy density of dry biomass (no reprod buffer)
   - del_Wb: birth weight as fraction of maximum weight
   - del_Wp: puberty weight as fraction of maximum weight
   - a_m: age at death; all
   - S_b: survival probability at birth; all
   - S_p: survival probability at puberty; all
   - h_W: Weibull aging rate; all
   - h_G: Gompertz aging rate; all
   - N_i: life-time reproductive output; all
   - R_i: ultimate reproduction rate: all except hep, hex
   - K: half saturation coefficient; all if F_m exists
   - F_mb: max searching rate at birth; all  if F_m exists
   - F_mp: max searching rate at puberty; all if F_m exists
   - F_mi: max ultimate searching rate; all if F_m exists
   - J_Xb: food intake at birth; all if kap_X exists
   - J_Xp: food intake at puberty; all if kap_X exists
   - J_Xi: ultimate food intake; all if kap_X exists
   - eb_min_G: scaled func. resp. such that growth ceases at birth; all
   - eb_min_R: scaled func. resp. such that maturation ceases at birth; all
   - ep_min: scaled func. resp. such that growth ceases at puberty; all
   - t_starve: maximum survival time when starved; all
   - p_A*, p_C*, p_S*, p_J*, p_G*, p_R*, p_D* : energy fluxes at b, p, i ; all
   - J_Cb, J_Cp, J_Ci: carbon dioxide production at birth, puberty, ultimate; all
   - J_Ob, J_Op, J_Oi: dioxygen consumption at birth, puberty, ultimate; all
   - J_Nb, J_Np, J_Ni: nitrogen waste production at birth, puberty, ultimate; all
   - RQ_b, RQ_p, RQ_i: respiration quotient; all
   - UQ_b, UQ_p, UQ_i: urination quotient; all
   - WQ_b, WQ_p, WQ_i: watering quotient; all
   - SDA_b, SDA_p, SDA_i: specific dynamic action; all
   - VO_b, VO_p, VO_i: dry-weight specific dioxygen use; all
   - p_Tb, p_Tp, p_Ti: total heat; all


Assumes that parameters are given in standard units (d, cm, mol, J, K); this is not checked! Buffer handling rules are species-specific, so ultimate reproduction rate Ri not always makes sense. Fermentation is supposed not to occur and dioxygen availability is assumed to be unlimiting. Ages exclude initial delay of development, if it would exist. Body weights exclude possible contribution of the reproduction buffer. Temperature-dependent quantities are presented for body temperature as specified by T_typical in the mydata-file. The output values are for females; males might have deviating parameters, which are frequently also available.

For required model-specific fields, see get_parfields.

Example of use

load('results_species.mat'); [stat, txtStat] = statistics_st(metaPar.model, par); printstat_st(stat, txtStat)