Plots observations and model predictions



shregr (func, p, varargin)


Plots observations and model predictions


   xywi(:,1) independent variable
   xywi(:,2) dependent variable (optional)
   The number of data matrices xyw1, xyw2, ... is optional but >0
   but must match the definition of 'func'


Plot options can be set with shregr_options. Input as in nrregr. The plot-range can set optionally in a vector of length 2, with the lower and upper boundaries. The columns >1 in the parameter matrix are ignored. If column 2 in the data matrix is not present, model predictions are plotted only. The colums >2 in the data matrices are ignored.

Example of use

Assuming that function_name, pars, and data xy are defined properly: shregr('function_name', pars, xy), or if the user-defined function codes for two data sets, for instance shregr('function_name', pars, xy1, xy2).

set options if necessary

get dependent variables

gset nokey;

rows and colums of multiplot

multiplot (r,k)