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DEBtox has been written by Matthijs Luger and Jorn Bruggeman (coding), Jacques Bedaux (statistics) and Bas Kooijman (theoretical biology)

DEBtox is a user-friendly software package designed to analyze the results of the standard set of aquatic toxicity tests on the basis of the Dynamic Energy Budget theory:

The tests conform to OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

The ISO and OECD wrote a guidance document on the statistical analysis for toxicity data, which includes the DEBtox method as a recommended method and mentions the DEBtox software package. DEBtox is part of the book: The analysis of aquatic toxicity data.

The book gives examples of applications, and statistical, biological and chemical backgrounds. The methods have also been published independently, in a series of papers in Water Research, see Method. DEBtox is meant for routine applications; DEBtool has a toxicity domain that is meant for research applications. Extensive manual information is presented in the help files of DEBtox.

DEBtox details and backgrounds:


DEBtox was written by order of the Dutch Ministry for the Environment. Although the package has been written with care, the authors, the Vrije Universiteit, nor the publisher will accept any responsibility for the results of this package.

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