These essays were written by participants of the tele-courses on DEB theory The essays can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the title.

Author Year Title
Bryan Delius 2015 DEB theory versus MTE.
Sarah Burgan 2015 The DEB theory.
Morgana Tagliarolo 2015 DEB theory tele-course 2015.
Andrew East 2015 An Exploration of the Application of DEB Theory through Individual Based Modeling.
Kaeran Nguyen 2015 Capacity of DEB to successfully model temperature-dependent disease dynamics, specifically Schistosoma infection.
Slimane Ben Miled & Dorra Louati 2013 DEB theory.
Anis Belhadi 2013 DEB theory.
Dhia elhak Ammar 2013 DEB theory.
Youssef Selmi 2013 DEB theory.
Tarek Refai 2013 DEB theory.
Ramla Mahjoub 2013 DEB theory.
Neska El Haouij 2013 DEB theory.
Rym Jaroudi 2013 DEB theory.
Inés Haddad 2013 DEB theory.
Maroua Karâoud 2013 DEB theory.
Ahmed Louhichi 2013 DEB theory.
Dorra Louati 2013 Coupling multiscale models of complex biological systems; application to evolutionary ecology.
Jalel Akrem 2013 Improving Vitiligo antioxidant status by DEB theory.
Kimberly Louwrens 2011 An evaluation of two controversial metabolic theories of ecology.
Jess Roberts 2011 Applying Dynamic energy Budget (DEB) theory to kangaroo energetics.
Valeria Palmeri, Gianluca Sara 2011 The DEB model as tool tp predict ecological responses of Brachidontes pharaonis.
Maria Pozimski 2011 DEB from the outside.
Claudia Moreira 2011 The DEB of the brown shrimp.
Maria Almeida 2011 The DEB of Carcinus.
Tim Schellekens 2009 The ontogenetic niche-shift accounting for reserves and stoichiometric balances.
Rene Koper 2009 Dynmaic energy Budget Theroy, an explosive first meeting.
Ismaël Bernard 2007 From individual to population and from physiology to ecology.
Anna Lagaria 2007 The DEB course.
Benjamin Rico-Villa & Stephane Pouvreau 2007 The estimation of Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) parameters for Crassostrea gigas larvae.
Sofia Saraiva & Ricardo Lemos 2007 Application of DEB theory to the life cycle of Sardina pilchadus.
Yoann Thomas 2007 Growth and dispersal of the pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) larvae.
Henrike Andresen 2005 DEB sub-program "individuals in depth"
Jan van Dam 2005 DEB sub-program "population dynamics"
Inês Gomes, Vânia Proença 2005 Body size and the species-area relationship parameters
Tim Hendrickx 2005 DEB sub-program "population dynamics"
Stephane Pouvreau, Laure Pecquerie, Yves Bourles, Xavier Bodiguel, Marianne Alunno-bruscia 2005 DEB sub-program "individuals in depth"
René Rozendaal 2005 DEB sub-program "population dynamics"
Anne Willem Omta 2004 DEB and biochemical networks: a top-down view.
Maarten van Wieren 2004 A mesoscopic model underlying DEB.
George van Voorn 2004 Applying DEB-theory in global-bifurcation analysis.
Henrik Andersson 2003 Using dynamic energy budgets to understand bentic carbon cycling.
Maaike Bruinsma 2003 Alternative food sources for optimization of biological control of whiteflies.
Stellio Casas 2003 Dynamic energy Budgets affect kinetics of metals in the marine mussel Mytilus galloprovencialis. How a new appraoch could change the studies on uptake and elimination kinetics of metals?
José Antonio Ferreira 2003 On the hyperbolic functional response in DEB theory.
Pieter Honkoop 2003 Flexibility of feeding traits and the distribution of marine bentic invertebrates, particularly bivalves.
Ana Maria Huarte,
Maria Verónica Simoy
2003 First notes for the implementation of a DEB model for the Ñandú (Rhea americana).
Jong-Hyeon Lee 2003 Rethinking the utility of contaminant body-residue as the dose metric for pulsed exposures in aquatic toxicity.
Rui Mota,
Tânia Sousa
2003 Thermodynamic formalism of biological systems in DEB theory.
Dick van Oevelen 2003 Using stable isotope enriched food pulses to deduce or verify DEB parameters.
Jeffrey Ren 2003 An energetic model of the greenshell mussel Perna canaliculus.
João Filipe Dias Rodrigues 2003 Bioenergetics and the dimensionality of ecosystems.
Isabel Smallegange 2003 Interference competition and animal distribution: An approach based on the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model.
Anabela Venâncio 2003 A model to study the behaviour of sardine in the Portuguese coast.
Ana Rosa Trancoso,
Pedro Galvão,
Susana Nunes
2003 Fish Modelling using DEB theory.
Ricardo Vieira 2003 Economic approach: Application of DEB theory to Eucalyptus fibre production.
Asta Audzijonyte 2001 The effects of temperature on the bioenegetics of mysids.
Jacques Bedaux 2001 Stochasticity in biological data.
Horacio Berger,
Claudio Machado
2001 A potential approach to study a beef cow-calf grassland system applying the DEB theory.
Masahiro Doi 2001 Mechanistic feedback and non-mechanistic whole systematic autonomy of living materials: what is the difference?
Paula Federico,
Rosana Ferrati,
Diego Ruiz Moreno
2001 A conceptual scheme to generate code from the DEB assumptions.
Hector Galicia 2001 DEB and aquatic regulatory testing.
Hans Huisman 2001 Some field notes.
Tjalling Jager 2001 Accumulation of organic chemicals by earthworms from food.
Martijs Jonker 2001 A dynamic analysis of toxic mixture effects.
Jeffrey Ren 2001 Reserve dynamics of oysters during starvation.
Daan van Schalkwijk 2001 A gentle introduction to Dynamic Energy Budget theory.
Anthony Verschoor 2001 Shifts in the functional response of Brachionus calyciflorus feeding on Scenedesmus obliquus?
Martina Vijver 2001 Uptake kinetics of essential and non-essential metals by soil-invertebrates.

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