Error-spotting champion list


Dynamic Energy Budget theory

We are far from perfect, but aim at excellence. You can help us to achieve that aim for the benefit of your colleagues. We like to stimulate this by offering a free copy of the DEB-book (2nd-edition), if you accumulated 25 points by spotting new errors in that book (so, errors that are not yet in the list). The amount of points per error depends on its type:

Type Points Description
A25Error that affects thinking fundamentally about parts of the theory
B5Error that causes confusion about the exact meaning
C1Error that is irritating, but does not cause confusion

Please mail your observations to

Error-spotting champion list

Individuals marked with * received a book and a certicifat for qualified error spotter.

A B C Points Name
051540Dina Lika*
042040Jaap van der Meer*
05530Jong-Hyeon Lee*
021828Jacques Bedaux*
05025Ana Llandres*
03116Laure Pecquerie
03015James Maino
011015Dmitrii Logofet
001515Frithjof Lutscher
01813Tim Hendrickx
01412Elke Zimmer
01611Daan van Schalkwijk
001111Anthony Verschoor
01110Tjalling Jager
02010Ingeborg van Leeuwen
0138Tânia Sousa
0088George van Voorn
0127Starrlight Augustine
0127Hans Huisman
0116Rui Mota
0116Bernd Brandt
0066Henrike Andresen
0105Dick van Oevelen
0105Maria Veronia Simoy
0105Ana Maria Huarte
0105Erik Noonburg
0105Asta Audzijonyte
0105Fleur Kelpin
0105Mike Kearney
0105Bob Kooi
0105Anne Willem Omta
0044Matthew Malishev
0044Tiago Domingos
0033Maaike Bruinsma
0022Lee Segel
0022Nina Marn
0022Masahiro Doi
0011João Rodrigues
0011Ben Martin
0011Susana Barreiro
0011Yves Bourles
0011Koji Tominaga
0011Carlos Teixeira

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