Drs. H. A. (Hugo) van den Berg

email: vdberg@bio.vu.nl
room: A411
phone: +31-20-44.47132
Curriculum vitae
Project: Sulphur and carbon fluxes in microbial mats

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The principal aim of this project is to characterize mass exchanges between biota and their ambient. A secondary aim is to gain insight in the translation of biological processes at both the sub-organismal and organismal levels into a small set of macro-chemical reactions.

Microbial ecosystems form the prime object of study. Our approach allows one to tie together the various ways in which the cells influence, and are influenced by, their ambient. By means of judicious `lumping', one can perhaps achieve the formulation of simple, yet realistic, biotic modules for geochemical models.

Thesis summary

A summary of my thesis can be found here.