Y (Yves) Bourles

Adress: Université de La Rochelle
Email: Yves.Bourles@ifremer.fr
Curriculum vitae
Specialization: Marine Biology
Project: Growth and reproduction of the Pacific oyster

Conception and application of a generic model of growth, reproduction and survival in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas

Shellfisheries play a major economic role in French aquacultural production. In 2004, 191800 tonnes of shellfish were produced nationally, worth an estimated 380 million euros (2nd highest production value in Europe), of which 115250 tonnes were oysters (largest production in Europe). The Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas is grown along all three French coasts: the English Channel (e.g. 27000 tonnes/year from Normandy), Atlantic (21500 and 22000 tonnes from North and South Brittany respectively; 27500 and 13000 tonnes, from Marennes-Oléron Bay and Arcachon Bay respectively) and Mediterranean (8500 tonnes from Thau lagoon). However this wide distribution, the Pacific oyster presented high spatial and temporal variability in growth performance, between culture sites and years. To better understand the behavior of the oyster, we develop a new bio-energetic model to simulate its growth and reproduction according to its environment. This model takes into account the main hydro-biological parameters of sea water which explain the growth performance observed in the different culture sites and along years. We build this model with respect to the DEB theory. We pay special attention to the ingestion parameters which can varied a lot in the Pacific oyster.

The aim of this work is to build a generic model of the Pacific oyster based on the principle of dynamic energy budgets, and to validate its generic character for different living environments of this species. The model will allow us to explain physiological differences (growth, reproduction and energy status of the oyster) which depend on the environmental conditions of the different production sites.

Keywords: Ecophysiology, Crassostrea gigas, Modelling, Dynamic Energy Budget theory, Growth, Reproduction, Nutrition (Filtration, Ingestion, Assimilation), Oyster farming basins, GENERIC.

Map of the sites culture studied to validate the generic character of the model
This poster won the best-poster-price at the Aquaculture Europe conference in Trondheim 2009/08/15-17.

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