Dr. Ir. B.W. (Bob) Kooi

Room: T542
Phone: 020-5987130; Fax: 020-5987123
Email: bob.kooi@vu.nl
C. Vitae: Member of the department since 1988
Specialization: Theoretical Biology
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My main research interests are the use of mathematical models to help solve problems in Ecology and Epidemiology. Research emphasis is on application of bifurcation theory for the analysis mathematical models based on processes and mechanisms at lower levels of organization, such as the individual, to solve problems at higher levels, such as populations and ecosystems. Topics of special interest are the role of interactions between populations, such as predator-prey interaction, disease transmission, inducible defence mechanisms and competition on ecosystem structure and functioning.

Thank you for your interest in our work.

1950/20/02: born, Uithuizermeeden
1974/01/14: Master's Mathematics, Groningen
1983/03/21: PhD-thesis Mathematics Groningen: On the mechanics of the bow and arrow.

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