edited by Ad van Dommelen

Tilburg/Buenos Aires: International Centre for Human and Public Affairs, 1996
ISBN 90-802139-4-2

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The focus of this book is on our capacity to assess and foresee the possible risks that are involved with deliberate environmental releases of genetically modified organisms. The aim of this volume is to contribute recent analyses and views from a range of disciplines to the ongoing debates on public participation, biosafety and regulation. To cope with the challenges of modern biotechnology and genetic engineering we must explore the limits of our risk assessments.

The fifteen chapters of this volume are the concerted attempt of internationally distinguished authors from Europe, the United States and Japan to map promises and perils in the emerging social and political landscape of modern biotechnology.

Part I - Scientific Backgrounds

contributions by: Philip Regal - Sheldon Krimsky - Ad van Dommelen - Manuela Jäger and Beatrix Tappeser - Brian Goodwin

Part II - Regulatory Practice

contributions by: Les Levidow, Susan Carr, Rene von Schomberg and David Wield - Ruth McNally - Les Levidow - Soemini Kasanmoentalib - Rene von Schomberg

Part III - Political Conditions

contributions by: Piet Schenkelaars - Peter Wheale and Ruth McNally - Christine von Weizsäcker - Christoph Rehmann-Sutter and Adrian Vatter - Darryl Macer

Peer Reviews