From molecules to ecosystems through dynamic energy budget models

Nisbet, R. M., Muller, E. B., Lika, K. and Kooijman, S. A. L. M. 2000. From molecules to ecosystems through dynamic energy budget models. J. Anim. Ecol. 69: 913 - 926


  1. Dynamic energy budget (DEB) models describe how individuals acquire and utilize energy, and can serve as a link between different levels of biological organization.
  2. We describe the formulation and testing of DEB models, and show how the dynamics of individual organisms link to molecular processes, to population dynamics, and (more tenuously) to ecosystem dynamics.
  3. DEB models offer mechanistic explanations of body-size scaling relationships.
  4. DEB models constitute powerful tools for applications in toxicology and biotechnology.
  5. Challenging questions arise when linking DEB models with evolutionary theory.

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Page 914: in the expression for the von Bertalanffy growth curve, 1 - exp(-gamma a) should be replaced by exp(-gamma a).