Dr. M. (Marianne) Alunno-Bruscia

Dr. Marianne Alunno-Bruscia is working as an ecophysiologist and is focusing more specifically on bio-energetics of marine bivalves. She was a co-promoter of the Van Gogh project DEBIB (Dynamic Energy Budget in Bivalves, 2004-05) which results have been published in a special issue of Journal of Sea Research (vol. 56, 2006). She is in charge of a European Research Group named AquaDEB (2007-2011); aims of AquaDEB are to analyse the physiological flexibility of various aquatic animals (fish and molluscs) by using the DEB model, and to connect physiological processes (individual scale) with ecological and evolutionary processes. M. Alunno-Bruscia is co-supervising a PhD student whose project consists in building up and validating a DEB model for the Pacific oyster that will explain and predict accurately the growth and reproduction of oysters in different ecosystems, i.e. under different environmental conditions. In early 2008, M. Alunno-Bruscia will also co-supervise a post-doc project on applying the DEB model on the sea bass to get a bioenergetic individual growth model for this species.

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