Graduations 23 Jan 2008

New developments in DEB theory and applications

This day of related graduations is followed by a symposium

Place: Vrije Universiteit, aula

Route to the Vrije Universiteit

Progam on Wednesday 23 Jan 2008

Bioenergetic modelling of the growth, development and reproduction of a small pelagic fish with indeterminate fecundity: the Bay of Biscay anchovy

10:45 welcome by Bauke Oudega (Rector Magnificus) in Aula
promotor Bas Kooijman, copromotor Cédric Bacher
10:45 Introduction by Laure Pecquerie
10:55 Prof. Dr. T. (Tiago) Domingos
11:05 Dr. M. (Marianne) Alunno-Bruscia
11:15 Dr. A. (Alain) Franc
11:25 Dr. O. (Olivier) Maury
11:35 Prof. Dr. J. (Jaap) van der Meer
11:45 end of defence
12:15 end of ceremony
12:15 lunch near restaurant of the VU in G-076, ground floor Science Building

Bacterial degradation of dissolved organic carbon in the water column: an experimental and modelling approach

13:45 welcome by Bauke Oudega (Rector Magnificus) in Aula
promotores Bas Kooijman & Jean-Christophe Poggiale
13:45 Introduction by Marie Eichinger
13:55 Dr. O. (Olivier) Maury
14:05 Prof. Dr. T. (Tiago) Domingos
14:15 Dr. P. (Peter) van Bodegom
14:25 Dr. F. (Fred) Jean
14:35 Dr. Ir. B. W. (Bob) Kooi
14:45 end of defence
15:15 end of ceremony

Ecophysiology of Brown Ring Disease in the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum; experimental and modelling approaches

15:45 welcome by Bauke Oudega (Rector Magnificus) in Aula
promotor Bas Kooijman; co-promotor Fred Jean
15:45 Introduction by Jonathan Flye Sainte Marie
15:55 Prof. Dr. J.-C. (Jean-Christophe) Poggiale
16:05 Dr. C. (Cédric) Bacher
16:15 Dr. M. (Marianne) Alunno-Bruscia
16:25 Dr. A. (Alain) Franc
16:35 Prof. Dr. J. (Jaap) van der Meer
16:45 end of defence
17:15 end of ceremony
17:20 reception in G-076, Science Building
18:30 chinese dinner in G-076, Science Building

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