Symposium Monday 18 January 2010

Effects of mixures explained!? From laboratory to effects in our environment

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Effects of mixtures receive more and more attention and it is now speculated that mixtures effects will be taken up in future legislation, instead of the current practice of evaluating every compound separately. To provide an overview of the current scientific and regulatory status on effects of mixtures we invited some renowned national and international speakers on the subject.

Dr Hans Løkke from Denmark was the leader of NoMiracle; an EU project on mixtures, in which 38 research groups were involved. He will place mixture effects in a European perspective and will highlight some of the major findings of NoMiracle. Dr Leo Posthuma works at RIVM and is involved in the regulations for mixtures in the Netherlands and will highlight some general approaches on how to tackle effects of mixtures. Joep de Koning will show the pragmatic approach to handle effects of mixtures from the perspective of a Dutch waterboard (responsible for the quality and quantity of the surface waters in one of the most polluted areas from the Netherlands). Finally Dr. Dave Spurgeon will highlight some biological approaches to assess affects of mixtures from an ecotoxicological point of view.

If you like to attend this mini-symposium, please send an email to Feel free to forward this invitation to others who might be interested. Download flyer.

Jan Baas and Tjalling Jager.

Place: room M655, W&N building (de Boelelaan 1081)


9.00 Welcome with coffee
9.25 Tjalling Jager (VU-THB the Netherlands)
9.30 Hans Løkke (NERI Denmark) : Effects of mixtures from a European perspective and the major results from the NoMiracle project
10.00 Leo Posthuma: Risk management of mixtures - how to sum apples and oranges
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Joep de Koning (Delfland Waterboard the Netherlands): A practical approach to effects of mixtures from the perspective of water quality management
11.30 Dave Spurgeon (CEH UK): Effects of mixtures using a systematic biology approach
12:00 End of morning program
13.45 Defence by Jan Baas in the aula, Vrije Universiteit (main building at de Boelelaan 1105) in Amsterdam
13.45 Welcome by the Rector Maurice van Tulder
13:45 Jan Baas introduces: Effects of mixures as processes in time: From laboratory to effects in our environment
13:55 Hans Løkke:
14:05 Dave Spurgeon:
14:15 Ad Ragas:
14:25 George van Voorn:
14:35 Kees van Gestel:
14:45 End of defence; start of closed meeting
14:55 Conclusion of the promotion comission
15:05 End of ceremony

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