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Fourth Winterschool on Population Dynamics

In the first week of January 2002, Odo Diekmann, Hans Heesterbeek and André de Roos will organise the fourth winterschool on Population Dynamics. The first three schools in this two-yearly series were very successful. They were sponsored by the NLS-programme. The fourth school will be based on the same philosophy (see various NLS-newsletters on the NLS-web site). It will be financially supported within a large project of collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (Population Biology) and Wageningen University and Research Centre (Center for Biometry) paid for by the Ministery of Economic Affairs through the ICES/KIS programme.

At the moment three lecturers have agreed to come: Hal Caswell (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; stage structured population models), Eva Kisdi (University of Turku) and Hans Metz (University of Leiden and IIASA; both adaptive dynamics). Three other prominent lecturers have been approached but have not yet confirmed their participation. Their respective topics are in: epidemiology & genetics, behavioural ecology and evolution.

Readers who are interested in attending the winterschool, or who wish to receive more information when information becomes available, can send an e-mail to Hans Heesterbeek and will then automatically be notified of further developments.

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