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June 11-22, 2001

ESMTB School Biology and Mathematics of Cells: Physiology, Kinetics and Evolution Sigüenza, Spain, June 11-22, 2001

The Second School of the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology will be held in Sigüenza, Spain, June 11-22, 2001. The First (Summer) School on Spatial Structures in Biology and Ecology: Models and Methods took place in Martina-Franca, Italy, September 4-15, 2000. The Sigüenza school is also a follow-up of the School "Mathematics in Cell Physiology and Proliferation" which was held in Termoli, Italy, 6-19 June 1999. The school will feature classical as well as novel aspects of cells, the building-up of material inside a single cell, the migration and aggregation of cells, the cell-cycle mechanism, cell proliferation of normal and abnormal cells, new techniques of exploration of the genome, and evolutionary aspects of cells. The school will take place in the Seminary of Sigüenza which will also accommodate the participants and the instructors. The entire Seminary will be at the disposition of the school. The Seminary is a recent construction, with a number of class rooms of various sizes, surrounded by a large garden. It is a few kilometers away from the medieval town of Sigüenza, whose Parador, an old castle superbly renovated, and the Cathedral, will give the participants a pretext for pleasant evening excursions. Sigüenza is about 100 kilometers from Madrid, which can be reached by the regional train. The facilities of the school will make it possible to organize the activities in such a way as to allow participants to select among some of the courses offered.

The courses will be divided into two groups: the morning courses (9:00-12:30) are the primary courses, devoted to the keynote subjects. They are intended for all participants. The afternoon courses (16:00-19:00) are the complementary courses. Some of these courses will be given in parallel sessions; some of the complementary courses will be repeated in several sessions, allowing for smaller groups and a better interaction of participants and teachers. Communications by participants will be organized.

Each course is divided into units of 40mn. Two formats for the communications: 10mn (appropriate for a work in progress, such as first year of a PhD, good to break the ice) and 20mn (for already well advanced or even completed work). The choice is entirely yours. There will be ten days of classes, Monday through Friday, during two weeks.

The web page provides, besides information on the school, a forum for discussions during the preparation of the school as well as a reserved area for the organizers and the instructors. Access to the draft of lecture notes via the web page will hopefully be available.


November 2000:
First announcement, topics covered
January 2001 :
Second announcement, program and logistics
April 1, 2001:
Deadline for pre-registration and application for financial support
April 15, 2001:
Selection by a committee of successful applicants for financial support (subject to availability of funding)
May 15, 2001:
Deadline for registration (evidence of participation should be provided); Deadline for reception of instructors lecture notes There is no deadline for submission of communication notes or abstracts, although early submission is strongly encouraged.
June 10, 2001:
Welcome and registration
June 11, 2001:
School starts

The school is linked with the following institutions/societies/groups: ETSIIM (Spain), IRD (France), ESMTB (Italy), SFBT (France), MTBio (Deutsch), EMBMA, RTN (Research Training Network)

Application form is available at



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