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Battle of the sexes

Olof Leimar and Peter Hammerstein reviewed various game theoretical models on the interaction between the sexes. In the closing talk, Barry Sinervo then showed how game theoretical principles can be applied to the side-blotched lizard, which shows evolutionary cycles on a short time-scale. First of all, frequency dependent selection on male morphs drives oscillations analogous to a rock-scissors-paper game. Second, different female strategies (producing either many low-quality offspring or a small number of high-quality offspring) promote stable population cycles. The details of the system, in particular the interplay between evolutionary and ecological processes, are still not well understood. For years to come, this interesting system, together with many others presented during the symposium, will provide food for thought for theoreticians and empirical workers alike.

Bob Kooi
Wed Jan 10 12:08:31 MET 2001