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In the remaining two years, the current coordinators (see below) aim to further widen the appeal among biologists in the Netherlands and give an even larger group the ability to profit from the available funding. The emphasis is on creating and strengthening connections by promoting the organisation of small one/two day workshops, including the invitation of 1-3 speakers from abroad. A maximum of Dfl 2000 for one foreign speaker per activity can be granted. If, however, 2 or 3 host institutions combine their efforts to organise an activity, a maximum of Dfl 6000 per activity can be granted. Co-financing for part of the costs is obligatory and this should be indicated in the application. Sponsoring is on the basis of actual costs incurred. Depending on the type of activity between 15 and 25 proposals can be approved.

This call for proposals is open to any scientist working in the Netherlands in non-linear mathematics, population biology or epidemiology. The proposed activity should fall between July 1st, 1998 and June 30th, 1999. All proposals will have to make clear that a substantial number of biologists will benefit. The main proponent of a proposal will have to write a report about the activity for publication in the newsletter and web-site of the programme. All activities will be announced by the NLS-programme within its substantial network and, of course through the channels of the organisers themselves. All proposals will be judged by the coordinators, who can make additional suggestions to potential organisers.

Bob Kooi
Fri May 15 12:26:03 MET DST 1998