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Report of visit prof. Sergio Rinaldi

Prof. Sergio Rinaldi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) visited the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, June 16-18 1998, reported by Bob Kooi.

During his stay with the Theoretical Biology group Sergio discussed problems of common interest: the food chain dynamics Martin Boer is finishing his PhD-thesis on this subject. Sergio links nonlinear dynamics with (more classical) control theory and showed us that often more insight can be gained from this point of view.

On June 17 1998 there was a Mini-symposium on `Population Dynamics' with five lectures: Sergio Rinaldi, Bob Kooi, Peter de Ruiter, Anje-Margriet Neutel and Hugo van den Berg. The summaries of the talks were given in the previous Newsletter May 15, 1998. One reference given in Rinaldi's summary was incomplete, it should be: A. Gragnani, O. De Feo, and S. Rinaldi. "Food chains in the chemostat: relationships between mean yield and complex dynamics", Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 60, 703-719, 1998.
Martin Boer was unable to give his talk entitled: "The dynamics of tri-trophic food chains". A talk was given by Bob Kooi.

Bob Kooi
Thu Oct 1 13:04:44 MET DST 1998