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Stochastic Models in Cell Genetics

Classical models of population genetics and modern methods based on coalescence, applied to studying variation in germ and somatic cells in culture and in organisms: the Fisher-Wright model of genetic drift with mutation, ancestral processes including the coalescent and genealogies of branching processes, principal models of mutations including the infinite alleles and infinite sites models and the stepwise mutation model, models of molecular evolution, dynamics of gene amplification and evolution of repeat-DNA, neutral evolution and tests of neutrality, mathematical models for diseases caused by dynamic mutations (expansions of triplet repeats), heterogeneity of populations of cancer cells.

Tentative list of instructors and invited lecturers: Zvia Agur, Ovide Arino, Jacques Belair, Edoardo Beretta, Alessandro Bertuzzi, Vincenzo Capasso, Ranajit Chakraborty, Mark Chaplain, Andrea De Gaetano, Alberto Gandolfi, Marek Kimmel, Michael Mackey, Joseph Mahaffy, Eva Sanchez, Andrzej Swierniak, Ziad Taib, Simon Tavare, Paolo Ubezio, Glenn Webb. Other speakers are being contacted.

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