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July 14 - 19, 1999

Biomathematics - Bioinformatics and Applications of Functional Differential Difference Equations Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey, July 14 - 19, 1999.

The conference on the Theory of Difference and Differential Equations with Applications to Biology and Medicine aims to stimulate collaboration between mathematicians and bioscientists and to act as a forum for the exchange of recent research results and new perspectives in those fields. In addition, the conference is devoted to a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary domain of science where experimental biology and medicine, biochemistry, functional differential and difference equations, stochastic functional differential equations and stochastic processing, functional analysis, evolution equations, operator theory, computational mathematics, and various fields of technology all come together.

Scientific program The scientific program will include one-hour plenary lectures, half-an-hour lectures and poster contributions. We also plan to publish the Conference Proceedings. The conference will cover the theory of difference and differential equations with applications to related disciplines within Biology and Medicine, including immunology, epidemiology, evolution, population dynamics and ecology, molecular biology, cell signaling, tumor growth and treatment, metabolic modeling, neuromodeling, computational biology, cardiovascular modeling, and biomechanics.

Organizer Special Sessions
Zvia Agur The role of Discrete Models and Delay Differential
Equations and in solving real lifeproblems in
& Cancer Chemotherapy
Elena Alekseeva Nonlinear Analysis of Discrete Interconnected Systems
and its Applications to Biology, Medicine and Economics.
Ovide Arino, Moulay L. Hbid State Dependent Delay Equations arising from Thresholds
& in Population Dynamics
Leonid Berezansky, Elena Litsyn Functional Differential Equations
Olexander Boichuk Normally Resolvable Boundary Value Problems
& and applications
Ludwik Byszewski Evolution Equations, Operator Theory
& and Functional Analysis
Saber Elaydi, Gerry Ladas Difference Equations and Applications
Efim Galperin, D. Molodtsov Set-Theoretic methods in biomathematics
and Q. Zheng
K.Gopalsamy, Jim Cushing Discrete and Dynamical Modeling
Yoshiyuki Hino, Ryuichi Ishimura Abstract Functional Equations
and Yutaka Kamimura
Michael C.Mackey, Glenn Webb Modeling of Cell Replication and Control
Hanna Parnas Mathematical Modeling of Controlled Drug Release
Zia Taib Probabilistic and Statistical Methods in Biology and Medicine

Proposed Parallel Sessions: 1. Theory of Differential Difference Equations 2. Discrete and Dynamical Modeling 3. Cell and Molecular Biology 4. Ecology and Evolutionary Dynamics 5. Neural Networks and Applications 6. Epidemiology and Theory of Epidemics

In addition, special sessions will be organized around focused topics that are particularly new or rapidly gaining importance. Participants are strongly encouraged to forward suggestions regarding the scientific program to: or or

Further Information: Haydar Akca , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Mathematical Sciences Department P.O.Box 1071 Dhahran 31261 Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 966 3 860 2279 (Office)
966 3 860 6377 (Home)
Fax : 966 3 860 2340

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