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May 26-30 1999

The XIII Max Born Symposium "Statistical Physics in Biology" held in Wroclaw, Poland - May 26-30 1999, will be devoted to two main issues:

perspectives in DNA analys
population dynamics and ageing

The total costs per one participant, covering board, accommodation and conference fee is only 230 US $. Proceedings of the Conference will be published in the special issue of Physica A. Deadline for abstract is April, 2nd 1999. Full information you will find on the web page: poff/symposia/max13.html

The main purpose of the meeting is putting together all new ideas which have appeared recently during investigation of DNA in various fields of science. The main topic is discussion of the basic mechanisms of DNA evolution as well as population evolution where various methods of statistical physics have been used. In particular, hot topic of genome evolution will be widely discussed.
Organizers: Stanislaw Cebrat and Miroslaw R. Dudek

Bob Kooi
Mon Mar 8 20:33:05 MET 1999