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29 June- 3 July, 1999

Final Announcement: Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine 1999 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands June 29 - July 3, 1999.

Invited lectures by:

Prof. Karl P. Hadeler (Tuebingen University, Germany) Competition, Variability, and Exclusion: Elimination of some and survival for many.

Prof. Dr. Bruce R. Levin (Emory University, USA): Mathematical models of the within and between host population biology of antibiotic treatment and resistance

Prof. Dr. Karl Sigmund (University of Vienna, Austria) Reciprocal altruism, direct and indirect

Prof. Dr. Bela Novak (Technical University Budapest, Hungary) Modelling the cell division cycle

Prof. Dr. Eshel Ben-Jacob (Tel-Aviv University, Israel) Bacterial wisdom and the challenge of antibiotic resistance

Prof. Dr. Lila Kari (The University of Western Ontario, Canada) DNA computing in vitro and in vivo

Honorary lecture by the laureate of the first Prof. Akira Okubo award: Prof. Martin W. Nowak (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA)

Martin Nowak studied Biochemistry and Mathematics at the University of Vienna where he received his Ph-D (sub auspiciis praesidentis) in 1989. His Diploma thesis was with Peter Schuster on quasi-species theory, his Ph-D thesis with Karl Sigmund on evolution of cooperation. In 1989 Nowak moved to Oxford where he held Junior Research Fellowships at Wolfson College and Keble College and later became a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Mathematical Biology. In his various collaborations with Robert May, he worked on HIV, other viruses, the immune system, the evolution of virulence, metapopulation dynamics, 12log2-8, spatial games, prions and the meaning of life. In 1998, he moved to Princeton to head the first initiative in Theoretical Biology at the Institute for Advanced Study

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