Educational Program

These pages present departments' educational program.

Bachelor Bachelor's program (in Dutch) (3 years)
Master Masters' program (2 years)
PhD Postgraduates' program (1 year)

The work loads of the courses are given in credit points:
1 cp = 28 h in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The courses in the Masters' program assume that those in the Bachelors' program have been completed successfully (or equivalent courses). The department participates in the Masters' programs Biology, Medical Biology, Health Sciences, Ecology.

Departments' traineeships in the Masters' program are only open for graduates who

These requirements also apply for getting advice from departments' permanent staff members about mathematical/computational problems the student may encounter during traineeships in other departments.

The Postgraduate courses are primarily meant for PhD students, but they are open for graduates as well.

The mark "specialization in Theoretical Biology" is only given to graduates who successfully completed

Registration for courses in the Bachelors' and Masters' Program is via TISVU, which requires a Student Number and Pincode. Registration for courses in the Postgraduates' Program is via the tele course pages.

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