Project Biomass of the dept Theoretical Biology


The name Biomass stands for Biomathematical Assessments.


The Department for Theoretical Biology of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam participates with project Biomass in the Netherlands Center for Environmental Modeling. This inter-institutional center focuses on emission, transport and transformation of chemical compounds, bioavailability, toxico-kinetics, effects on individual organisms, populations & ecosystems, life cycles.


Core Activities

The project starts the activities in the field of ecotoxicity and environmental risk assessment, leaving food technology, nutrition, biomedical and biotechnological extensions for possible future developments.

The core activities of Biomass are

These activities include The core activities together comprise the main elements of an environmental risk assessment for chemical compounds; the guidance and updating of files for approved chemicals belongs to the core activities as well.

Auxiliary activities are evaluation of

Possible clients of the project include chemical industries and governmental institutions.

Modes of operation

The project has two possible modes of operation The department can involve other parties (such as the Center for Environmental Modeling or contract laboratories) in solving scientific problems.

Benefits for partners


Please contact Bas Kooijman for further information.

Current projects

BMecb, BMexxon,

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