Prof. Dr. S.A.L.M. (Bas) Kooijman

C. Vitae: Head of the department from 1985 to 2015
Specialization: Theoretical Biology
Courses: Dynamic Energy Budget theory
Theoretical Ecology
Theoretical Biology
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Name: The pronunciation of my family name is "Koo" as "coa" in "coal", "ij" as "y" in "toy" and "man" as "man", but with the "a" of "after".

After my PhD on the statistical analysis of point processes on a surface at Leiden University, I worked for 9 years at TNO in Delft on environmental risk assessment. There I started to work on what I later called the Dynamic Energy Budget theory to quantify sublethal effects of toxicants on organisms and to evaluate their environmental significance. I continued development of this theory during my 30 years of service at VU University Amsterdam as professor in theoretical biology, and very much enjoyed working with 50 PhD students and many colleages in a variety of disciplines and many countries. My aim with the theory broadened over the years to become a foundation for quantitative eco-physiology in general, which combines nicely with my main hobby in field biology, where I like to hike in remote areas to enjoy the beauties of life.

My triology on a case study in theoretical biology gives more background

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