Ph.D. Graduations at VU - Dept Theoretical Biology

# Date Name Title of thesis
502017/??/?? Marques, G.
492016/05/30 Marn, Mrs N. Life cycle and ecology of the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta, Linnaeus, 1758): development and application of the Dynamic Energy Budget model
482016/01/13 Teixeira, C. Application of Dynamic energy Budget Theory for conservation relevant modelling of bird life histories
472015/06/02 Maino, J. The importance of body size: scaling of physiological traits in insects
462015/01/14 Barsi, A. Towards understanding the effects of putative endocrine disruptors in the pond snail: experimental and TKTD modelling approaches
452014/10/08 Saraiva, Mrs S. Modelling bivalves in estuaries and coastal areas.
442014/09/09 Lavaud, R. Environmental variability and energetic adaptability of the great scallop, Pecten maximus, facing climate change
432014/02/10 Hamda, N. Mechanistic models to explore combined effects of toxic chemicals and natural stressing factors: case study on springtails.
422013/06/18 Zimmer, Mrs E. The pond snail under stress: interactive effects of food limitation, toxicants and copulation explained by Dynamic Energy Budget theory
412013/06/18 Martin, B. Linking individual-based models and Dynamic Energy Budget Theory: lessons for ecology and ecotoxicology.
402013/02/25 Emmery, A. Influence of the trophic environment and metabolism on the dynamics of stable isotopes in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas): modeling and experimental approaches
392013/01/08 Andresen, Mrs H. Size-dependent predation risk for young bivalves.
382012/04/23 Aguiar, Mrs M. Rich dynamics in multi-strain models: non-linear dynamics and deterministic chaos in dengue fever epidemiology
372012/04/23 Augustine, Mrs S. Metabolic programming of zebra fish, Danio rerio, uncovered; physiological performance as explained by Dynamic Energy Budget theory and life cycle consequences of uranium induced perturbations
362011/03/07 Freitas, Mrs V. Climate induced changes in estuarine predator-prey systems: a DEB approach
352010/06/29 Bontje, D. M. Analysis of toxic effects and nutrient stress in aquatic ecosystems
342010/01/18 Baas, J. Effects of mixtures explained: From laboratory tests to effects in the environment
332009/11/19 Bruggeman, J. Succession in plankton communities: A trait-based perspective
32 2009/09/30 Voorn, G. A. K. van Ecological implications of global bifurcations.
31 2009/09/30 Stiefs, D. Relating generalized and specific modeling in population dynamical systems
30 2009/09/10 Campos, Mrs J. The eco-geography of the brown shrimp Crangon crangon L. in Europe.
292009/03/06 Omta, A. W. Eddies and algal stoichiometry: Physical and biological influences on the organic carbon pump.
28 2008/01/23 Flye Sainte Marie, J. Ecophysiology of Brown Ring Disease in the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum, experimental and modelling approaches.
27 2008/01/23 Eichinger, Mrs M. Bacterial degradation of dissolved organic carbon in the water column: an experimental and modelling approach.
26 2008/01/23 Pecquerie, Mrs L. Bioenergetic modelling of the growth, development and reproduction of a small pelagic fish with indeterminate fecundity: the Bay of Biscay anchovy.
25 2007/02/06 Sousa, Mrs T. Thermodynamics as a Substantive and Formal Theory for the Analysis of Economic and Biological Systems
24 2006/11/07 Tolla, Mrs C. Modelling of Microbial Populations in variable Environments.
23 2006/11/07 Troost, Mrs T. A. Evolution of community metabolism.
222005/09/20 Hobbelen, P. Metal pollution and the functioning of ecosystems
212004/06/08 Kuijper, L. D. J. The role of trophic flows in food web dynamics
202003/12/09 Leeuwen, Mrs I. M. M. van Mathematical models in cancer risk assessment
192002/09/12 Brandt, B. W. Realistic characterizations of biodegradation
182000/06/27 Boer, M. P. The dynamics of tri-trophic food chains
171999/12/07 Bijlsma, R. J. Modelling whole-plant metabolism of carbon and nitrogen: a basis for comperative plant ecology and morphology
161998/09/24 Molen, Mrs G. W. van der A Physiologically-Based Mathematical Model for the Long-Term Kinetics of Dioxin and Furans in Humans
151998/06/24 Berg, H. A. van den Multiple Nutrient Limitation in Microbial Ecosystems
141997/09/25 Hanegraaf, P. P. F. Mass and energy fluxes in micro-organisms according to the Dynamic Energy Budget theory for filaments
131996/02/02 Bleiswijk, Mrs J. van Ecophysiology of the calcifying marine alga Emiliania huxleyi
121995/06/15 Weele, Mrs C. N. van der Voices of development; environmental causes in ontogeny
111995/06/12 Haren, R. J. F. van Application of Dynamic Energy Budgets to xenobiotic kinetics in Mytilus edulis and population dynamics of Globodera pallida
101994/10/06 Muller, E. B. Bacterial energetics in aerobic wastewater treatment
91994/09/22 Ratsak, Mrs C. H. Grazer induced sludge reduction in wastewater treatment
81993/11/04 Hoekstra, Mrs J. A. Statistics in ecotoxicology. Quantifying the biological effects of chemicals
71992/12/15 Zonneveld, C. Animal energy budgets: a dynamic approach
61992/09/17 Wensem, Mrs J. van Isopods and pollutants in decomposing leaf litter
51991/03/20 Jongeling, T. B. The sceptical biologist. An equiry into the structure of evolutionary theory
41991/01/10 Evers, E. G. Growth, starvation and storage in micro-organisms
31988/02/05 Bedaux, J. J. M. Statistical inference on spike trains
21987/09/23 Voorzanger, B. Woorden, waarden, en de evolutie van gedrag. Humane sociobiologie in methodologisch perspectief
11987/05/27 Slob, W. Strategies in applying statistics in biological/ecological research

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