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Curriculum vitae
Bote Willem Kooi

March 18, 2012

Dept. Theoretical Biology, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit,
De Boelelaan 1087, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Privat: Galvanistraat 14, 1433 MA Kudelstaart, The Netherlands.

+31 20 5987129; Secretary: +31 20 5987003; Privat: +31 297 343137

+31 20 5987123



Sex: male. Status: married with Petra van Egmond and we have one son called Derk. Nationality: Dutch. Hobbies: Archery.

20 febr '50
Date of birth in Uithuizermeeden, Prov. Groningen, The Netherlands.

Aug '73- March '79
Study Mathematics at University of Groningen
Specialization: Applied Mechanics, Computer Science and Numerical Analysis.
March '79 Masters degree (ingenieurs examen Technische Mechanica).

March '79- March '83
PhD student employed by the Netherlands Organization for Pure Scientific Research (ZWO) at the Mathematical Institute, University of Groningen.
March '83 Ph-Degree, promotor prof. dr. J.A. Sparenberg (Applied Mathematics, University of Groningen), referees prof. ir. M. Kuipers (Applied Mechanics, University of Groningen) and prof. dr. ir. J.G. Lekkerkerker (Applied Mechanics, Technical University Delft).

Aug '83-May '88
Research worker at Fokker, Space & Systems Amsterdam, cq. Division of Structural Analysis (now Dutch Space). Main field of activity: Structural Analysis of satellites and appendices such as solar arrays. Thermal-Structural interactions, Fluid-Structural interactions, Test-Analysis Correlation, Modal Survey Analysis.
Adviser in mathematical problems in the Department of Structural Analysis.
Cooperation with: National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), University of Groningen (Prof. R.F. Curtain) and Technical University of Twente (Prof. H. Tijdeman).

May '88-present
Assistant-Professor Dept. Theoretical Biology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;

Jan '99- May '99
Visiting-Professor Dept. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Dept. Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996 USA; My host was Prof. Dr. T.G. Hallam.

Side activities
(list is not exhaustive)
'94-'01 Editor of the Newsletter of the National Program on Non-linear Dynamics, sub-program Population Dynamics (NWO).
'96-'01 Coordinator of the National Program on Massive Parallel Processing, cluster Biological Application (NWO).
'01-'05 President of the NVTB (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Theoretische Biologie) Dutch Society of Theoretical Biology

Publications by B.W. Kooi after 2000
Updated till Jan. 2012

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