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There are three categories. The first two categories are Mechanics of the bow dealing with the behaviour of the bow where the arrow is treated simply as a point mass, and Mechanics of the arrow dealing with the motion of the arrow and where the model for the bow is rather simple. The third category is formed by the papers published in the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries. Information about the Society of Archer-Antiquaries is given here: SOAA.

Mechanics of the bow

These papers deal with the modelling of the dynamics of the bow where the arrow is assumed to be a point-mass which is attached to the middle of the string. A numerical scheme for the solution of the governing equations is developed. Different types of bows are distinguished and their static and dynamic behaviour are studied. The performances are assessed by comparison of quality coefficients such as the efficiency. In the introduction of the PhD-thesis an overview of models for the dynamics of the bow published in the literature is given.

In the article written together with Dr. C. Tuijn (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) an experimental set-up is described to measure the velocity of an arrow accurately. This technique was also used by Ide-Teknik, Bertil Olsen. The paper with Dr. C.A. Bergman (Northen Kentucky University and 3D Environmental Services, Inc. 781 Neeb Road, Cincinnati OH 45233-4625, USA) describes the modelling aspects for those who do not like formulae.

Kooi, B.W. & Sparenberg, J.A. 1980 On the static deformation of a bow. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 14(1):27-45.
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  ]PostScript-file (694 Kb)

Kooi B.W. 1981 On the mechanics of the bow and arrow. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 15:119-145.
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Kooi B.W. 1983 On the Mechanics of the Bow and Arrow. PhD thesis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
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Kooi, B.W. 1991. The 'cut and try' method in the design of the bow. In Eschenauer H. A., Mattheck C., and Olhoff N., editors, Engineering Optimization in Design Processes, volume 63 of Lecture Notes in Engineering, pages 283-292, Berlin. Springer-Verlag.
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Kooi, B.W. 1991. On the mechanics of the modern working-recurve bow. Computational Mechanics, 8: 291-304.
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Kooi, B.W. 1994. The Design of the Bow. Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. v. Wetensch, 97(3), 283-309.
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Tuijn, C. & Kooi, B.W. 1992. The measurement of arrow velocities in the students' laboratory. European Journal of Physics, 13:127-134.
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Kooi, B.W. & Bergman, C.A. 1997. An Approach to the Study of Ancient Archery using Mathematical Modelling. Antiquity, 71:124-134.
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Mechanics of the arrow

In these article I deal with the motion of the arrow when it is released from the bow. The mathematical model is derived by considering the arrow as a vibrating beam with time-dependent boundary conditions. The governing equations are solved numerically. In the second paper our model is compared with a model proposed by Pekalski from Poland who did experiments in addition to modelling. The last paper is a review of published articles on the ``The Archer's Paradox".

Kooi, B.W. & Sparenberg, J.A. 1997. On the Mechanics of the Arrow: Archer's Paradox. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 31(4):285-306.
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Kooi, B.W. 1998. Bow-arrow interaction in archery. Journal of Sport Sciences, 16:721-731.
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Kooi, B.W. 1998. The Archer's Paradox and Modelling, a Review. History of Technology, 20:125-137.
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Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries papers

The following articles are published in the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries are written for non-mathematicians. I tried to explain the train of thought with building a mathematical model (without describing it with formulae) and to define quality coefficients which describe the quality of a bow-arrow combination quantitatively.

Kooi, B.W. 1991. Archery and Mathematical Modelling. Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 34:21-29.
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Kooi, B.W. 1993. On the Mechanics of some Replica Bows. Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 36:14-18.
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Kooi, B.W. 1996. Functioning of ears and set-back at grip of Asiatic bows. Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 39:73-77.
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Lanting, J.N., Kooi, B.W., Casparie, W.A. & van Hinte, R. 1999. Bows from the Netherlands. Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 42:7-10.
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Other references and links

I was involved in testing the Mary Rose bows together with Prof. P.Pratt from Imperial College of Science & Technology, London. This work is reported in:

Hardy, R. The Longbow Patrick Stephens 1992, page 209-221

Strickland, M and Hardy, R. The Great Warbow Sutton Publishing Phonix Mill, Thrupp, Sroud, Gloucestershir, GL5 2BU, UK, 2005, page 3-33.

See also: Paterson, W.F. 1980, "Mary Rose" - A Preliminary Report Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 23, 29-34, and Paterson, W. F. 1981, "Mary Rose" - A Second Report Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 24, 4-6, and the comments I made in the article in the Journal: Kooi, B.W. 1991, Archery and Mathematical Modelling., Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries, 34:21-29.

You can find more information on the mechanics of archery on Joe Tapley's home page: Some notes on the Mechanics of Archery

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