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This is the last Newsletter of the NWO priory program ``Population dynamics, including epidemiology'', part of the NWO priority program `Nonlinear Systems'. The NLS-Newsletter appeared three times per year during the course of the project. Its content consisted of announcements of activities, such as seminars, workshops and summer- and winterschools and reports of visits of foreign visitors being in the Netherlands as part of the program. From October 1992 till July 1994 Lia Hemerik (Wageningen) was the editor of this newsletter. I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter and that you found the information useful. Announcements of forthcoming conferences, summer- and winterschools can be found via the NVTB (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Theoretische Biologie) electronical newsletter and the NVTB web-site maintained by Ingeborg van Leeuwen You can subscribe, unsubscribe or send information (plain text-files) to the NVTB mailing-list by sending an email to If you have further questions about the NVTB mailing-list contact Rob de Boer

I agree with the orgenizers of the NWO Special Year on Mathematical Biology, 2001 (see below) that:

In recent years the NWO-program on Non-Linear Systems has had a major impact on collaboration of mathematicians, physicists and life scientists. Within this program important results have been achieved, mainly in the field of population dynamics, a research area within ecology.

I would like to thank Karin Uyldert for the administrative-work, such as updating the mail-list, and binding and sending of the newsletter.

Bob Kooi
Wed Jan 10 12:08:31 MET 2001