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March 10, and 13, 1998

Lectures at the EEW by Peter Turchin on NonLinear Ecological Time Series Analysis

Address: Van der Klaauw Laboratory complex Sterrewachtlaan, next to Kaiserstraat 63
(20 min walking from the railway station)
lecture theatre Sterrewachtlaan 6
(oldfashioned buildings at the left hand side of the Sterrewachtlaan,
second external door,
pass the foundation of the telescope to the corridor,
then to the left) `grote collegezaal' (in the blue building)

The lectures start at 10 h. Please register, with your name, address and e-mail address for last minute announcements, with Yvon Zitman (; Kaiserstraat 63, 2311 GP Leiden)

Information: Hans Metz, Section Theoretical Biology Institute of Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences, EEW, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden. E-mail:

Bob Kooi
Thu Mar 5 08:50:47 MET 1998