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April 1, 2, and 3, 1998

Workshop at the EEW by Peter Turchin on NonLinear Ecological Time Series Analysis

Address: Van der Klaauw Laboratory complex Sterrewachtlaan, next to Kaiserstraat 63
(20 min walking from the railway station)
colloquium room Sterrewachtlaan 5
(oldfashioned buildings at the left hand side of the Sterrewachtlaan,
last external door,
door at the town moat side of the building)

The workshops start at 10 h, except for the first session of the workshop (April 1), which starts at 11 h.

Please register, with your name, address and e-mail address for last minute announcements, with Yvon Zitman (; Kaiserstraat 63, 2311 GP Leiden)

Information: Hans Metz, Section Theoretical Biology Institute of Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences, EEW, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden. E-mail:

Bob Kooi
Thu Mar 5 08:50:47 MET 1998