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June 2-6, 1998


Summer School "Spatio-Temporal Patterns" will be held at Twente University, the Netherlands.

This course is intended for young researchers with a strong mathematical interest, and should provide them with a good overview of various approaches to understand patterns displayed by the space-time characteristics of physical, chemical, biological, ... phenomena. There will be five main lecturers, and each of them will lecture 6 hours. Their names, the title of their lectures and a short abstract are listed below.

Right at the beginning of the course, participants will be asked to present themselves, their background and scientific interests, in a ``3 minutes/1 overhead transparency'' presentation. We expect 30-40 participants.

Participants and lecturers will be lodged in hotel "de Logica". Prices are Dfl. 50,- per day for a double room and Dfl. 65,- per day for a single room. As the number of rooms is limited, we ask people to share a room as much as possible. The organisers cannot provide any financial support (neither for travel, bed and breakfast, nor for subsistence). We therefore have kept the admission fee as low as possible: Dfl. 100,-.

Applications can be send to: Admission is on the basis of arrival of the application.

The course is sponsored by MRI, the SWON-NWO program "Dynamical Systems and Pattern Formation" and is organised by Odo Diekmann, Arjen Doelman, Stephan van Gils and Ronald Meester.
The lecturers are:

Rick Durrett (Cornell) Stochastic and Spatial Models
Jean-Pierre Eckman (Geneva) Some topics in the study of partial differential
equations on the infinite line
Nick Ercolani (Tucson) tba
Satya Majumbar (Bombay) Self-organised Criticality
Yasumasa Nishiura (Sapporro) Asymptotic and transient dynamics in pattern
formation of nonlinear dissipative systems

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