Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
June 29 - July 3, 1999

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Last update: 29 June 1999. See the News & Updates page.


It was a wonderfull week and everybody had a great time at the conference. The closing lecture of L.Kari was fantastic and promises a lot for the future.

I (Matthijs Luger, the webmaster) am on holiday for the next three weeks. It was a great week and I have enjoyed creating and maintaining these pages. Sorry for the fact that I have not updated these pages in this last week and the week before, I was very busy with other things that has to be done. It was wunderfull to see all those people together with a common interest and nice to see the faces of those people who I only known by name through there abstracts and there registration form. Bye for now and maybe we will meet again.

The second day, Wednesday

All the participants ar now familiarized with the building and can find blindly room 4A02 or room 1A12 (The email room). If it is too busy please don't stay any longer than 10 minutes so other people get also a change to read there email.

Opening TMBM '99

The opening lecture by K.P. Hadeler was well attended. There are now more than 500 participants so there is always someone around with whom you can share ideas or other revolutionairy visions with.

The 'Rijsttafel' was a success. Everybody enjoyed the good meal. Thanks go to Paul Doucet for the recipe and the organization.

Dinner on tuesday

There is a free dinner tonight for all participants! A so called 'Rijsttafel' will be served.

Poster Session Overview

The Poster Session Overview is now online.

Program Overview

A week overview and a day to day overview with room numbers is now online.

See also the Contribution List to see which contributions are accepted.

Start/End of Conference

The conference starts on Tuesday, June, 29 on 13:00 hour and ends on Saturday, July, 3 on 13:00 hour.

Okubo award

The Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) and the Japanese Association for Mathematical Biology (JAMB) have recently instituted an award dedicated to the memory of Prof. Akira Okubo. The award includes an honorary lecture by a scientist that has made substantial contributions to the areas of mathematical biology for which Prof. Okubo's work was of crucial importance. The SMB and JAMB have jointly decided that the first honorary Okubo lecture will take place during the forthcoming TMBM99 conference. The organising committee wants to express its gratitude for this generous offer and appreciates this support for the TMBM99 conference.

The laureate of the first Prof. Akira Okubo award is

                 Prof. Martin Nowak
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Martin Nowak studied Biochemistry and Mathematics at the University of Vienna where he received his Ph-D (sub auspiciis praesidentis) in 1989. His Diploma thesis was with Peter Schuster on quasi-species theory, his Ph-D thesis with Karl Sigmund on evolution of cooperation. In 1989 Nowak moved to Oxford where he held Junior Research Fellowships at Wolfson College and Keble College and later became a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Mathematical Biology. In his various collaborations with Robert May, he worked on HIV, other viruses, the immune system, the evolution of virulence, metapopulation dynamics, 12log2-8, spatial games, prions and the meaning of life. In 1998, he moved to Princeton to head the first initiative in Theoretical Biology at the Institute for Advanced Study.

As part of the award ceremony Prof. Nowak will give a distinguished lecture on Tuesday June 29, 1999, the first day of the TMBM99 conference.


The international conference on Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine 1999 will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from Tuesday June 29 through Saturday July 3, 1999. The organising committee is pleased to invite colleagues all over the world to join this conference.

Theoretical and mathematical biology and medicine is a diverse field in which interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for progress. The field ranges from experimental research linked to mathematical modelling to the development of more abstract mathematical frameworks in which observations about the real world can be interpreted and with which new hypotheses for testing can be generated. More recently, much attention is also paid to the development of efficient algorithms for complex computations and visualisation, notably in molecular biology and genetics (i.e. genome mapping).

The TMBM99 conference aims to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians and the bioscientists and to act as the main forum for the exchange of recent research results and new research directions to the widest possible community in theoretical biology and medicine. The meeting is unique in that it is the fourth official tri-annual congress of the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB) joined with the annual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) for 1999. The conference is organised by the Netherlands Society for Theoretical Biology, the world's oldest society for theoretical biology. Through these links, this will be the first World Congress devoted to one of the fastest growing domains in science where experimental biology and medicine, biochemistry, mathematics, computational science, physics and various fields of technology come together to attack many problems of great relevance to society. In addition to this scientific part both the ESMTB and the SMB will have plenary member meetings during the conference.

In this second and final announcement you will find information about the scientific program and about the possibilities to present oral and poster contributions. In addition we provide some information on registration and submission of abstracts and we guide you to our web page for actual registration and submission.

We are looking forward to see you at the conference.

The organising committee

Financial Support

It is possible to get financial support for travel and accommodation. See the FAQ.

Important Dates

March 5, 1999: abstract submission dead-line (Closed!)
April 1, 1999: early registration dead-line
May 15, 1999: notification of acceptance of abstract
June 1, 1999: deadline of cancellation with partial reimbursement
June 21, 1999: deadline of hotel cancellation with partial reimbursement
June 29, 1999 13:00: start of conference
July 3, 1999 13:00: end of conference

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A list with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available.

Last update: 14 June 1999. See the News & Updates page.


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