Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
June 29 - July 3, 1999

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News & updates

On these pages we inform you about the changes that are made and other new events so you can have a quick look at the new additions and changes.

Updates to these pages will be announced at least once a month in the first week of each month.

List of progress

14 June 1999 Updated the Cotribution List.
9 June 1999 The Poster Session Overview is now online!.
3 June 1999 Angela Stevens is now the organizer in the Biofilms session.
Finaly: Somebody knew the WWW address of the ESMTB.
1 June 1999 The `Sequencing' session from 16:30-18:00 on Wednesday is replaced by an extra session `Whole Heart modelling'.
31 May 1999 Updated the Contribution List. Added, Removed and Changed some people.
18 May 1999 The program is now online. There are three new pages:
  1. Week Overview
  2. Day Overview
  3. Contribution List
4 May 1999 The registrations are going wel.
The abstracts has been read so the program is getting into shape. We hope to present a rough overview about the sessions next week.
25 Mar 1999 Made a new overview about subbmitted abstracts.
8 Mar 1999 Added a text about the Okubo award on the home page.
The submission for abstracts is closed.
4 Mar 1999 Added a page with information about how to prepare your poster.
Added a quick overview about the submitted abstracts.
4 Jan 1999 Happy New Year from the TMBM99 Committee.
The first registrations are made.
Added the abstract for afternoon session 4: `Education in Mathematical Biology'.
18 Dec 1998 It is started. The second announcement is made available and from now one you can start registering for the congress. Also the hotel reservation is online and last but not least: you can send your abstracts to us.
17 Dec 1998 The scientific program and the social events are online now.
Reordered the buttons on the left in a more logical way.
15 Dec 1998 Added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list to Information page.
7 Dec 1998 There are now 338 interested persons.
If everything goes well we can start the registration for the congress this month.
4 Nov 1998 Not much news for the site, but the Scientific Program is comming together.
Added a "Hotel reservation" button.
There are now 250 interested persons.
21 Oct 1998 More then 200 people have themselves registered as an interested person. If you don't have applied yet, please do so.
20 Oct 1998 Added the News & Updates page.

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